Truly, madly, deeply

Molly is an ordinary 14 year old girl who has a huge crush on one directions harry styles. Molly lives in Ontario Canada. When one direction go's on their world tour she has tickets to their concert what will happen to Molly's love life? Will she fall in love this summer?


6. getting ready

Maya's POV

i finally got to molly's house after a 10 minute drive, i walked up to her door it was 6:30 and the concert started at 8:00 he door was giant way bigger and nicer than her old house which was small and sketchy, this house is huge and beautiful, i rang her doorbell and heard footsteps running downstairs and Molly cheeky cheerful voice "coming!!" she sang, she opened the door and pulled me into her huge molly bear hug she is sooo fun to hug. Anyways after she let me in and i saw a huge beautiful modern house her family must have gotten really rich sinse i last saw her, anyways i got in and saw zoe. Her hair was pulled back into a long blond braid wearing a giant sweater and black leggings, i ran up to her a hugged her tight " zoe i missed you so much!" "OMG!!! Maya you got so much taller omg your sooo cute i missed you!!!" I let go of her and molly brought us up the tall stairs to a huge room with lavender walls and one direction posters everywhere she had a big king size bed with one direction sheets. " molly your room is sooo nice like OMG!!" " haha thanks, my mom got a new job as the manager for Selena Gomez so we kinda renovated our house so ya i love my new room" " lets get ready" zoe said in her soft voice. Molly brought me to her pink bathroom and brought out a pink curler she sat me down on the toilet and started curling my hair. I was surprised to see how good she was at curling my hair since middle school. When she was finished i got to her room and changed into my clothes. I am wearing North Toronto over sized hoodie my ex boyfriend gave me, i know i shouldn't wear it because hes my ex but i love this sweater, i also wore black Leggings with tall pink uggs, with my hair lightly curled. Then i put on some black eye liner and mascara even though i didn't really need it i have super long eye lashes and they r super dark, but i thought it was needed. Molly's POV When i finished curling Maya's long brown hair i got out and changed into a teal oversized sweater black leggings and beige uggs, i kept my hair strait and put on some black eye liner and mascara. Then i brushed my teeth and walked to where zoe was getting ready. " hey zozo! Almost done? Maya and i are ready!" I said " yeah almost done! Ya like?" She asked, she was wearing a red one direction t-shirt with dark wash skinny jeans and black combat boots " yea awesome and super cute!" "Thanks" she replied. So i went back into my room and checked my twitter and Facebook making my statis's -going to the 1D concert VIP tickets with maya and zoe :)- then i just went and played games. Zoe POV: I really liked my outfit, i was the most fancy out of us 3, i so happy meeting up with maya and sh-, my thoughts were interrupted by maya screaming "GUYS IF WE DONT LEAVE NOW WE WILL BE LATE" gosh shes excited, but who am i kidding we all are! Everyone got there IPhones and molly and maya (since maya was driving) grabbed there keys. We hopped into Maya's Rang Rover and we were off..

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