Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


9. Chapter 9

Elizabeths Pov

“Ummm Jason what are you doing here?” i asked a bit nervous as to what he was going to say

“Liz we need to talk please” he pleaded 

    He was now standing in the middle of my living room with a sorry look on his face. 

“Jason im sorry i have to go” i said slowly walking to the door. 

    I started turning the door nob when i felt a hand grab on to my arm and spun me around. He now had my back pressed up against the door and his hands on both sides of my body. 

“Jason let me go!” i yelled squirming around trying to get him off of me. 

“NO! Not until you listen to what i have to say!” He yelled in my face instantly getting me scared

    I didn’t want to hear what he had to say to me. He was nothing to me he hurt me so badly. Nothing he said or did would ever make me forget all shit he had put me through. I hated him and i was never going to feel anything else but hate towards him. He broke me and i was now trying so hard to put my self back together. 

“JASON LEAVE I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS” i yelled at him tears about ready to fall

I had to hold it in. I had to show him i was strong. 


And with out another word he slowly pushed pass me and out the door. I ran upstairs and closed the door. I slowly slid down to the floor until my butt reached the floor. I then sat there crying my eyes out curled up like a ball. 
I felt my eye lids slowly get heaver and heaver. Before knew it i had drifted off into sleep. 

Justin’s Pov

I was so excited to go out tonight with Elizabeth. I was wearing black skinny jeans, a white tee shirt, a black jacket over it and a pair of white Supras. I was just about to walk out of my house when i heard the door bell ring. 
“fuck” i mumbled to my self as i slowly walked over to the door. Opening the door i looked out to see a girl standing there. 

“umm hello Selena what are you doing here?” i asked with a confused look on my face

“We need to talk” she said looking down at the floor. 

I was being woken up by the sound of a phone ringing. I slowly opened my eyes and brought my hands up to my eyes and rubbed them trying to get my vision to adjust. 

I felt someone move around next to me. Turning my head I slowly pulled the covers of the person next to me revealing their face. It was Selena. All i could think in that moment was what the fuck did i do? 

    I got up and walked over to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face trying to remember what happened last night. I couldn’t let this happen again. I slowly walked back to my room. 

I shook Selena trying to wake her up. 

"Selena wake up" 

She slowly started I open her eyes. 

"Umm Selena you need to go.. This can't ever happen again" 

"W-what are you talking about?" She asked rubbing her eyes 

"Umm look under the sheets" 

"Ohh my god umm yeah I need to go" she said rushing out of the bed in and into the bathroom. 


      After Selena had left I went down straits and made some break fast for my self. I was half way done when I remembered I had to go out with Elizabeth last night. 

I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed my phone I quickly dialed her number but I got no answer. What was I going to do now!? 



Authors note 

okay so I'm sorry I've taken so long to update I've been busy!? But I'm on spring break now so yayay 

okay so I know this whole Jason and Justin thing might be confusing but okay so Jason was Elizabeth's ex boyfriend he cheated on her. And Justin is Famouse like he is now and she met him at a meet and they started to hang out so Justin and Jason a two totally different people! 

So I have so much planned for this story there are going to be so many plot twist you are never going to see any of it coming! I'm so excited to write it all!? 

I will be updating tomorrow xoxo 

i love you guys keep reading share my story and review it. Xoxoxo 


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