Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


8. Chapter 8

Elizabeths Pov


    It had been about a week since had seen Justin. I still never told the girls about us hanging out i really didn’t want them to freak out about it. I mean it wasn’t a big deal...Right? 


    It was almost the end of the day at school. Thank God. I really wasn’t in the mood to keep hearing Mrs Smith ramble on about some war. Not that i was ever really in the mood to listen to her talk about anything. 


It was almost the end of class when my phone started to vibrate like crazy. I thought it was Ali. So i quickly took my phone out of my back pack to see a name surprisingly pop up on my screen. It was Justin.


From Justin:

Whats the name of your school?


    I texted him back the name wondering why he would want it? I ignored it thinking it was probably nothing.


    To pass the time i had left in class i decided to check twitter quickly. Nothing was really new so i logged out and put my phone away just in time as the bell rung. 


    Thank God i was out of that class i swear if i sat in there any longer my head was going to explode.


    I started walking to the usual place where Ali and i met after school. I was half way there when my phone once again started to vibrate like crazy. Sighing I took it out to see it was Ali. 


From Ali 



I quickly called Ali to see if everything was alright but when i got no answer i started to panic. I nervously started to walk as quick as possible to the front of our school hoping that nothing bad had happened. Calling her once again with no answer I started to run panicking even more. 


I finally got to the front of the building to see a huge crowd. Pushing through every one I finally found Ali. 


"WHAT HAPPENED ALI? ARE YOU OKAY?" I asked with worry in my voice 


"Yeah I'm fine" she said calmly 


"What the hell Ali you made me think there was something happening to you. You fucking scared me." I said with an angry tone 


"Sorry" she said in a whisper with a sorry look on her face 


" What did you want that was important that you had me come here ASAP? Mhmm?" I questioned with annoyance in my voice 


"L-Look over there" she said pointing out in to the main parking lot 


"What-" my mouth dropped when I saw who it was. It was Justin. What was he doing here at my school right now? 


"What would Justin Bieber be doing at our school?" She asked with a confused look on her face 


"Umm maybe he's here to see me" I said in a whisper looking at the ground knowing Ali was going to want to know why he came to see me. As much as didnt want to tell her I knew that I was going to have to explain to her what happened the other night. 


"What why would he be here to see you?" She asked surprised 


"U-Umm ill explain later" I said slowly walking away 


   Turning to face him I could feel Ali's eyes burn holes through the back of my head. Finally making it to his car confused as to why he was here I opened my mouth. 


"Uhh hello Justin umm not to be rude or anything but what are you doing here?" 


"Oh I don't even get a hug... I see how it is" he said with a smile on his face 


"Ohh sorry" I said looking down at the ground embarrassed 


Reaching out to me he pulled me into a hug. 


"Soo like I said what are you doing here Justin?" I whispered shyly 


"Ohh I wanted to see if you wanted to go out for dinner tonight and just hang out?" 


"Sure but you couldn't have texted me that instead of coming here and causing well that?" I said giggling then motioning to the crowd of people that was now getting bigger  


"Ohh sorry I wanted to ask you in person" he said 


"Ohh" I said giggling "we'll I'd love to hang out but first I have to bring my sister home and get ready is that okay?" 


He pulled out his phone looking at it then quickly putting it pack in his pocket 


"Yeah sure I scooter just texted me I have I meet up with him real quick but ill be by your house at around 6ish?" 


"Yeah sure umm I guess I'll see you later" I said slowly walking away 


"Yeah and ohh wear something nice" he yelled out loud enough so that I could hear him 


"Okay" I giggled "see you later" 


    Slowly walking back to Ali with a smile on my face. Looking up I notice that the huge crowd that had gathered at the front of the school was now looking at me. Scanning the crowd for Ali I found her with a confused look on her face. 


"Liz what's going on? And what are you looking nice for? And how does Justin Bieber know you?" She said with confusion 


"U-uhhh ill umm talk to you later I have to go.." Slowly walking away I waved to her


"LIZ!?!" She yelled 


But I choose to ignore her so i kept walking towards the student parking lot. Waiting for Mia to get in the car I turned the car on. Finally Mia got into the car   so slowly started to pull out of the parking lot and started making my way home. 




I got out of the shower and it was about 5 o'clock leaving me exactly 1 hour to get ready before Justin arrived at my house to pick me up for dinner. Slowly walking into my room I took out my blow dryer and brushed through my hair drying it making sure it dried straight. 


  When I was done drying my hair I made my way to my mirror and started putting foundation on followed by some blush. Then putting on some light brown glittery eye shadow and layering my eye lashes with mascara. Making my way to my bed I picked up my white dress and put it on. ( Thats what her dress looked like)  Then walked to my closet and put on light pink heels. Walking back to my mirror I picked a light pink lip stick and layered it on my lips. Looking into the mirror one more time I made my way down stairs. Just as I reached the last step the door bell rung. 


"I'LL GET IT" Mia yelled running towards the door. 


Opening the door he face flushed of color when she saw who was at the door. I made my way over to the door expecting to see Justin. 


"Hey Jus-" I stopped when I saw who was at the door  


It was Jason. 

  Authors note  Hey guys sorry i took so long to update i didnt mean to take so long. what do you think jason is doing at her house?  Leave a review and tell me what you think about it so far  Share my story to your friends I love you guys Follow me on twitter @HessOurKidrauhl xoxox

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