Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


7. Chapter 7

Elizabeths POV 


    I slowly walked in to the stadium thinking about what had just happened. I couldn’t believe that Justin Bieber had just sing to me and then asked me to hang out with him after the concert. Was i dreaming or? 


    I made it to my seat just in time to see justin come out to finish off the rest of the concert. I was hoping the girls hadn't noticed i came back because i really didn't want to answer all the questions they had for me.


 “LIZ?!?!” they all shrieked 


Oooo sucks for me they all noticed. 


“Hey guys” i said with a smile on my face


“Omg you have to tell us what happened?!?!” Caitlyn squealed 


“Haha i will later but for now let enjoy the rest of the concert” i said bringing my attention back to Justin


    Justin looked so happy on stage i couldn’t help but smile the whole time he was singing. He just looked so perfect.




    The concert had ended and I now couldn’t wait to see Justin. I still hadn’t told the girls I was going to stay with Justin after the concert. I didn’t want them making a big deal out of it so I thought that maybe I just shouldn’t tell them. I mean i was just going to hang out with him tonight its not like i was ever going to talk to him ever again. 


“Are you guys ready to go?” Ali asked putting on her coat


“Umm my mom is coming to pick me up” i said back nervously hoping that she didn’t ask why


“Ohh okay what ever you want Liz” Ali said with a confused look on her face


“Okay bye guys ill talk to you tomorrow and tell you all about what happened” I said waving good bye to them 


    Finally they had left. Now i just had to wait until someone came and got me. I sat down pulling out my phone to pass the time. Right when i was about to go on twitter i felt someone tap my shoulder. 


“Hello are you Elizabeth?” a man stood there with a huge smile on his face


“Yes, Yes i am” i said with a smile on my face 


“Hi my name is Kenny Justin sent me out here to get you” he said still with a smile on his face.


“Ohh okay” i said kind of nervous i didn’t know what was going to happen


“Okay follow me Justin is on the tour bus well meet him there” He said pulling my arm towards the exit of the stadium.


    After walking for about 10 minutes we had finally made it to Justin’s tour bus. My heart beat started to get faster and i could feel butterflies erupt in my stomach. Kenny gave me big smile before opening the door to the bus. I slowly started walking up the steps when i saw Justin sitting on a couch shirtless. 


“Ohh hey Elizabeth hold on ill be out in second” Justin said getting up and walking into a room


And before i knew it he had disappeared into a room and now came out with a white v neck on. 


“hey” he said once again with a smile on his face 


“Hey justin” i said in a shy tone


“Come sit down” He said patting down a seat next to him on the couch. 


    I slowly made my way over to the couch where he was sitting and sat on the other side farthest away from him.


“Why so far away i don’t bite” he said with a grin on his face then pulling my closer to him


“So what do you want to do” i asked feeling completely stupid that i had just asked him that because it was about 11pm and there wasn't much to do this late at night. 


“Umm i don’t know what ever you want to do” he said smiling


“Well, if you hadn’t noticed it is 11pm and there isn’t much to do” i said looking at him 


“Well, do you want to watch a movie?” he asked with the controller in his had 


“Sure, what movie?” i asked with a smile on my face


“What ever you want” he said smiling back


“What about the titanic?” 


“Sure why not” Justin said grabbing the controller and putting it on.




    A buzzing woke me up i didn’t even know where i was. I slowly opened my eyes and quickly realized where i was. I was still on Justin’s tour bus. I guess i fallen asleep watching the movie. I quickly grabbed my phone to see it was 9:56. Shit. I was going to be in so much trouble when i got home. I had no idea how i was going to get home i guess i was going to have to walk.


    I turned to see Justin laying on the couch with a blanket over him. He looked so calm and perfect i didn’t what to wake him up but i had to. 


“Justin?” i shook him waiting to see if he would wake up and when he didn’t i shook him a little harder. 


    His eyes fluttered open 


“Hey you” he said with a smile on his face


“Umm hey justin, im sorry but i have to go my parents are going to kill me when i get home.” 


“how are you getting home” he said yawning 


“Umm im walking...” i trailed off


“How?” he asked again 


“im walking home” i said looking down at the floor


“No let me take you home its to early in he morning to walk” he said getting up off the couch 


“No im fine Justin really ill walk” 

“No let me take you please” he said looking into my eyes 


    After some time i gave in 


“Fine, but can we leave now?” 


“Yeah let me just go take a really quick shower.” he said soon disappearing into the bathroom


    I heard the water start shower so i decided to take my phone out and gone on twitter. 


    About 10 minutes had gone by and Justin had reappeared in the door way with a black V neck jeans and black supras on. I must say he looked pretty sexy. 


“Are you ready to go?” he said running his fingers thru his hair 


“Yeah lets go” i said smiling at him



    We finally made it to my house after being in a car for about 20 minutes without either of us saying anything.


“Well thanks Justin i had fun last night.” i said opening the car door 


Right when I was about to get out of the car he grabbed my arm and opened his mouth to speak. 


“Id like to hang out again but this time i want to do something where we can talk and get to know each other better” “give me your phone so i can put my phone number in it and you can put yours in mine” he said reaching out giving me his phone


    I quickly put my phone number in and gave him his phone back.


“Well thanks a lot Justin i guess ill see you soon then” i said getting out of the car. 


“okay bye ill text you later so we can make plans” he said smiling at me 


I reached the door to my house and turned around and waved to him. He slowly started driving away. I turned back around opening the door to my house. I couldn’t believe i actually was going to hang out with Justin Bieber again!


Authors note

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