Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


6. Chapter 6

Elizabeth’s Pov


“Wait where are you taking me?” I asked nervously


“We are going back stage” Alison said smiling 


“WAIT FOR WHAT?!?” I yelled surprised


“Oh you’ve never heard of the One Less Lonely Girl tradition we have?” she asked


“Not really this is my first concert” i answered shyly


“Well every concert we choose one girl and and justin sings to her and he gives her a crown made out of purple roses.” she said with a big smile on her face


When she said that my heart beat started to beat a lot faster. I was so nervous now that i knew where i was going and what was going on. I couldn’t believe i was the lucky girl that got chosen. I was actually really glad i was but i had already met him i felt bad that someone else didn’t get the chance to be the lucky girl. I thought about telling her that maybe she should choose another girl but, right as i opened my mouth to say something but she had beat me to it.


“We are here. Two of the dancers will come get you to take you out to a chair and Justin will sing to you. When the song is over i will take you back to your seat okay?” She asked


“Okay” i said smiling 


It was almost time. I could hear the crown Justin singing from where i was. His voice was amazing. I still couldn’t believe that out of an arena full of girls i was the one chosen. 


“Its time to go on!?” Someone yelled out 


Before i knew it i was being pulled out by the two dancers i was told were going to take me on stage. I could hear the crowd go wild as i stepped on to the stage. At first i was blinded by the lights but then my eyes slowly adjusted. The sight was amazing. I had never really noticed how many people there was here tonight until now. It was crazy know that so many people supported and loved him.


“Theres gonna be one less lonely girl” He walked up to me singing the song his voice was perfect 


I couldn’t help but smile he was so perfect. His smile made me feel butterflies in my stomach. His voice made me feel like i was in heaven and his touch made me melt. 


He kept singing as he put the crown on my head. He soon picked up my hand and held it in his. I giggled at the fact that my hands were so small a

lot smaller than his. With his other hand he lifted my chin so that i was now looking in his eyes. I couldn’t stop smiling he looked like an angel. He soon wrapped his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him. I could tell the song was almost over.


As much as i wanted this moment to last forever i knew it wouldn’t. I wanted to be in his arms forever but, sadly i knew that wouldn’t ever happen.

He finished singing. Licking his lips he opened his mouth to say something. 


“Whats your name?” He asked 


I couldn’t believe it i just told him what it was. I guess i wasn’t important enough for him to remember me. 


“Elizabeth” I said with annoyance in my voice


“What beautiful name” he said with a smile on his face


“thanks” i said looking away. 


‘Well we have to go come on.” he said pulling me up and before i knew it he quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me off stage.



Justin's Pov


It was almost time for her to come on. I couldn’t wait especially because i knew who the girl was going to be. I had told Alison to go out in the crowd to Floor 3 in row D and find a girl with a green dress named Elizabeth and bring her to be my ollg. I never did this but i wanted to sing to her i wanted to see her again.  


I kept singing the song 


“I can fix up your broken heart i can give you a brand new start.” I knew that around this time in the song she would come out.


     I was right before i knew it she walked out two of my dancers guiding her towards the chair. I was so happy to see her again.


“I can fix up your broken heart I can give you a brand new start i can make you believe” I slowly made my way to her.


I couldn’t help but smile at how perfect she was. Every thing about her made me feel butterflies in my stomach. 


I slowly put the crown on her head head. I picked up her hand and held it in mine. I heard her giggle i had no idea why. She shyly looked down and with my other hand i lifted her chin so that i was now looking into her green eyes. I. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders pulling her closer to me. I didn’t want to let her go. I wanted to hold her forever. 


I finished the song and soon opened my mouth to ask her what her name was. I remembered what it was i just needed every one else to know what her name was.


“Whats your name?” I asked 


“Elizabeth” She said with annoyance in her voice


I felt so bad that she thought i had forgotten it already. 


“What beautiful name” I said with a smile on my face to make her feel better 


“thanks” she said looking away. 


‘Well we have to go come on.” i said pulling her up to exit the stage. 


The arena went pitch black and i had a couple of minutes before i had to go back on stage. 


She was about to walk away before i grabbed her arm spinning her around to face me. She looked away. 


“Whats wrong?” I asked confused


“Nothing why do you even care im just a girl im no one to you” she said trying to get away from me 


“Is this about me asking what your name was? Because i remembered what it was i just wanted every one to know what it was” I Told her. 


“ohh” she sighed


Someone was yelling “JUSTIN WHERE ARE YOU YOU NEED TO GET READY!” so i knew my time with her was coming to an end. I wanted to spent more time with her so i quickly grabbed her waist pulling her closer to me.


“Do you want to hang out tonight after the concert?” I whispered into her ear


She looked surprised at what i had asked her


“Do you?” I asked again


“Umm yes” she said smiling 


“Okay stay where you are sitting at the end of the concert ill have someone from my crew go out and get you and bring you back stage.” i said smiling 


“Okay” she said back with a big smile on her face


I couldn’t wait to spend time with her. 

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