Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


5. Chapter 5

 We had been waiting in life for what felt like hours. We were the last ones in line so i knew it would be a while until i saw him. The line was starting to move. 


 “Liz are you excited?” Klohe asked with excitement. 


“Yeah i’m really nervous tho” 


“Why?” she asked with a confused look on her face 


“I don’t know i’m feeling like butterflies in my stomach.” 




   To be honest i had no idea why i was feeling like this. Ever since i had seen him that day at Starbucks, whenever someone said his name i would get butterflies in my stomach. 




Justin’s POV


     I had met many of my fans tonight. A lot crying because they were meeting me. I never understood why they always got so excited to see me. I only was a human being there wasn’t really anything special about me. Every girl i had seen tonight was beautiful but, none as beautiful as the girl i had seen at Starbucks the other day. I couldn’t get her off my mind. 


      The line was almost to the end there was only 1 group left to take a picture with. Something deep inside me had weird feeling. I felt butterflies in my stomach as if she was close to me. 


      I finished taking pictures with the group and someone from my crew had gone out telling the last group to come in. I saw three beautiful girls walk in as the last one walked in with her head down. I looked at her as she lifted her head to look at me. I looked at her getting a look at her green beautiful eyes. The same ones i saw the day at Starbucks. It was her. The girl i had seen at Starbucks. She was standing there with her hair perfectly coming over her shoulders and in beautiful dress. 


    They all walked towards me giving me hugs as she approached me shyly. I gave her a hug inhaling her beautiful sent. I couldn’t believe it was her. The girl that i had been wishing to see again. She turned around to go stand next to her friend so that she was on the out side but, before she was too far i grabbed her waist and pulled her to my side. She looked startled but when the photographer told us to smile she put a smile on her face. The picture was taken. They all said thank you hugged me once more and started to walk away. She was again the last one to hug me. 


“Thank you” she said in a hushed tone 


“No problem” I said back 


    I didn’t want to let go of her when something popped into my head. 


“Whats your name?” i whispered 


“Elizabeth“ she whispered back


“Where are you sitting?”


“Floor 3 in row D Why?” she asked confused


“I just wanted to know” i said quietly back


“Well i have to go my friends are waiting for me.” 


“ohh okay” i said quickly giving her a kiss on the cheek 


“bye” she shyly said her cheeks turning a pink color pulling apart from our embrace


“Bye” i waved



   Before i knew it she had disappeared out the door. I went back to my dressing room looking for Alison. Alison was standing in my dressing room with Ryan and Scooter. 


“Alison can you come over here for a minute” i said signaling her to walk over to me. 


“Yes Justin what do you want” she asked. 


I quickly whispered something into her hear as a grin grew on her face.

I now couldn’t wait for the concert to start




Elizabeths POV

   We were finally the next and last ones to go in. A tall man came out telling us to go in. My heart was now beating faster i couldn’t wait to see him again. 

I slowly walked into the room behind all the other girls. My head was down. I lifted my head slowly to find his beautiful hazel eyes looking at me. 


   Alison, Klohe, and Caitlyn all walked towards Justin giving him hugs. I approached him shyly. I gave him a hug he squeezed me tight. I almost felt like he didn’t want to let go of me.  I know i didn’t want to let go. I wanted him to hold me forever but i knew that most likely would never happen since he’s famous and im just me. I let go of the hug and started walking away when i felt his strong hand pull my waist next to him. I was startled but, before i could say anything the photographer told us to smile. I did as i was told. The picture was taken. Alison, Klohe, and Caitlyn gave him a hug as they all exited the room. I was once again the last one to hug him. 



“Thank you” i said in a hushed tone 


“No problem” he said back 


“Whats your name?” He whispered 


“Elizabeth“ I whispered back


“Where are you sitting?”


“Floor 3 in row D Why?” I asked confused


“I just wanted to know” he said quietly back


“Well i have to go my friends are waiting for me.” 


“ohh okay” He said giving my a kiss on the cheek 



“bye” i said with my check turning a pink color pulling apart from the embrace


“Bye” he waved as he smiled at me


    I couldn't believe he had just kissed my cheek. I told Alison, Klohe, and Caitlyn what had happened. I could tell they were a bit jealous he hadn't done the same. I still wondered why me though why did he want to know where i sat and what my name was? We walked to the arena and got to our seats. The concert was about to start. Cody Simpson was going to be the first one out with Carly Rea Jepson following. 



     We were half way into the concert when i felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned to see a woman standing there with a smile on her face. 


“Hi i’m Alison i’m a part of Justin’s crew” she said almost yelling into my ear so i could hear her over the loud music. 


“Hi i’m Elizabeth” i said back into her ear.


“Would you like to be Justin’s One Less Lonely girl tonight” she asked into my ear. 


   I had no idea what she meant but by the looks on every ones face around every one else seemed to know who she was and what she was doing. 


“Sure” i said with excitement not knowing what was happening 


     She took my had pulling me towards the exit. As i passed every one they were all looking at me. I really didn't know what was going on but, by the looks on everyones face i could tell they were dying to be me at that moment. What was i getting my self into? 


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