Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


4. Chapter 4

Elizabeth’s POV 


      I walked into Justin’s room on the tour bus.

  “Hey Justin Scooter wants you to...” I trailed off as I stood there shocked at to what I was seeing.

      He had just come out of the shower standing in the middle of his room with just a towel around his waist. I stood there frozen looking at his perfectly tanned skin. I looked down at his stomach with detail lines running down and across his stomach parting it into 6 little squares. I looked up at his face. He was walking towards me slowly. He reached his had up to my face. I was now looking into his beautiful hazel eyes. I closed my eyes waiting for his warm lips to meet mine.


*Buzz Buzz* My phone had woken me up from my dream. It was just a dream. A dream that I wished could have gone on just a couple seconds more. I had dreams about him every night ever since i had seen him at Starbucks. I couldn’t get him off my mind. 


A sigh was released from my lips as I rolled off the bed grabbing my phone to see who had texted me. It was Ali.


From: Ali




Yes Ali i know you have been reminding me every day this week.


 I texted back. I put my phone down and stepped in to the shower. I was excited i was going to see him again. He probably hadn’t seen me that day tho and if he had seen me i doubt he would remember me.


I quickly finished my shower and threw on some shorts and a sweat shirt and walked down stairs. 


“Hey mom hey Mia” 

“Hey hun how was your night?” 

“It was fine where is dad?” 

“He had to go into work early”



 My dad wasn’t really ever around because of work. It was usually just my mom Mia and I.


 “So Liz are you excited?!?!” Mia squealed

“Haha Yes Mia I am” 

“You better tell him that i love him” “I will Mia haha”


My phone Vibrated again it was Ali.


From Ali

Come over so we can get ready together text Caitlyn and Khloe to come over also.


I picked up my phone and replied 


“Okay see you soon xx”

 “Hey mom is it fine if i go to Ali’s she wants us all to get ready together” 

“Yeah sure Liz” 


I walked up stairs to get all the things i would be needing. I texted Caitlyn and Klohe and headed to Alison’s house. 







Justin’s POV


Ever since i had see her at Starbucks i couldn’t get her off my mind. I kept having dreams about her. She was so beautiful I wanted to know who she was.


  “Justin are you ready to head over to the arena for rehearsals?” Scooter said peeking his head in my room. “Yeah” i said quickly grabbing my red supras. 


I walked off the bus and into the arena. I still couldn't get her off my mind i need to find her. 





Elizabeths POV


We were all done getting ready. I wore a mint green cut out dress with white flats. I straighten my hair which reached down the middle of my butt now. I wanted to look nice when i saw him again. Ali Caitlyn and Klohe wore shorts with nice shirts.


The girls started walking to the car as did I. It was finally time to leave to go to the meet and greet. We all got into my car. I could tell the girls were so excited to meet him. I was excited to see him again. The girls still didn’t know about me seeing him at Starbucks. I didn't know if I wanted to tell them. 



We were almost at the arena when I blurted out


 "Guys I have to tell you something!" without thinking 


They all stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to me 

"What" they all screamed 

"I-I saw Justin Bieber the other day."

 "WHAT NO YOU DIDN'T" Ali said shocked

"Y-Yes I did he walked in to Starbucks the other day while i was working but I don't think he noticed me so it's not a big deal"

 "What why didn't you tell us!?”

 "Because I didn't want you guys to over react and tell me 'I told you so' "

 "Wait tell you I told you so about what?" Ali looked confused as did Caitlyn and Klohe

 "About how you guys were right" 

"About...?" Ali went on

 "Justin being gorgeous.." I said embarrassed at what I had just said

 "I told you so" they all yelled 

"I now see what you guys have been obsessing about” my cheeks turning a pink color as I said that 


I started to see stadium out my window. We were so close. 


“ARE YOU GUYS READY WE ARE SO CLOSE!?!?.” Ali yelled with excitement  


We came to a stop as we pulled into the parking lot. I could feel my heart beat increase i was so nervous. I just couldn’t wait to see his beautiful face again. 

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