Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


3. Chapter 3

Elizabeths POV


   It was finally the end of the day I walked over to the gym waiting for Ali Klohe and Caitlyn to get there so we could hear Ali’s ‘BIG NEWS’. I was the first one to get there so I just stood there waiting for all of them to get there. I turned my head to see Ali walking down I was about to call her name when she stopped to talk to some boy. The boy looked very familiar the boy turned his face revealing who he was. It was Jason. Why was Ali talking to Jason? I know they were both in the same fried group but shouldn’t have been talking to him not after what he did to me. I turned away quickly so that Ali wouldn’t see me looking at them talking. 


   “Hey liz” Ali said walking up behind me

“Oh hey Ali” I said fakely smiling.

i wanted to know what they were talking about but I didn’t want to ask Ali.

“Hey guys”

“ohh hey Klohe wheres Caitlyn?”

“She coming she had to get something in her locker.”

“Theres Caitlyn” Ali said pointing her way.

“CAITLYN HURRY UP?!?” Klohe yelled.

You could tell Klohe was excited for Ali’s big news. I really wasn’t that excited as i should have been.

“Okay I am spill it Ali!” 

“Okay guys calm down.... so you know how Justin Bieber is coming to LA?”

“YES?!?!” Klohe and Caitlyn said squealing

“I got 4 tickets to the meet and greet!?!?” Caitlyn and Klohe’s mouth dropped i could tell they were about to scream any minute because of how excited they were.

“OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG” They both yelled.

“When is it?” I calmly said

“Its this saturday!”

“Liz why aren’t you excited!? You’re meeting a famous person!”

“No Caitlyn its not just any famous person its JUSTIN BIEBER!” Klohe said as if she were annoyed at Caitlyn for saying that.

"No I am im just not as excited as you guys are.. guys i have to goo home Caitlyn and Klohe you are you guys coming over later?”

“Yeah we’ll be there.”

“Okay bye guys.” I slowly started to walk away.


    I turned the corner and bumped in to someone. I looked up to see Jason standing there. I hadn’t talked to him since the day I broke up with him. I gave him a blank stare trying to hold the tears from streaming down my face. I slowly backed up and walked away. He didn’t say anything to me. He didn’t even look sad about us breaking up. Maybe he didn’t care. Maybe he didn’t love me like I though he did. 


I saw Mia and walked over to her “Hey Mia are you ready to go home?” “Yeah lets go.” 


           We were half way home and Mia hadn’t spoken one word I knew i had to figure out why she was acting like this she never would be like this she was always in a happy mood.

“Mia whats wrong?”

“Nothing Liz I promise”

“Are you sure Mia you’ve been acting weird lately.”

“No I am fine”

“Okay... how was your day?”

“It was fine how was yours?”

“Good I guess.. Ali told us that she got tickets to a Justin Bieber Meet and Greet.”



“OMG YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY?!?!?” Mia was a big belieber as well I knew she wanted to go.

“When is it Liz?”

“Its this Saturday”

“That sounds so exciting?!” 




       We finally got home but i had to leave soon because I had to go to work. I work at star bucks.

“Hey mom.”

“Hey girls”

“Mom guess what!?”

“What Mia?”

“Liz got tickets to go to a Justin Bieber meet and greet.”

“Ohh really.. you did Liz?”

“Yeah Alison got 4 tickets for Caitlyn, Klohe, her self and i”

“That sounds like fun you need to go out with your friends and have some fun.”

“Okay mom I have to go get ready for work I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay bye liz” 


    I quickly went upstairs got ready and went to my car. I had so much on my mind on my way to work. Why didn’t Jason say anything to me? Why were Ali and Jason talking and what were they talking about? What is wrong with Mia? So much on my mind i just couldn’t wait to get to work to get this all off my mind.



Justin POV


     I woke up thing every thing was a dream. The fight I had with Selena her crying and us breaking up. But it wasn’t. Everything i thought was a dream had happened. My head was pounding from all i had in my head.

“Justin are you awake hun?” my mom whispered quietly.

“Yeah mom”

“Okay you need to get up and get in the shower we have a busy day ahead of us.”

“Okay mom” I didn’t have a concert tonight but I had a couple interviews today and I had a photo shoot.

  I got up and turned on the radio and stepped into the shower. I turned on the radio because I thought that the music was going to make me feel better because music always made me feel better but, it didn’t. All they talked about on the radio was about Selena and I breaking up. How did they know so fast it only happened yesterday. I know that i now had to face the fact that we were no longer “Jelena” I was just Justin and she was just Selena. 


     I quickly finished my shower up and stepped out into my room. I got dressed and slowly walked out to the living room/kitchen part of the bus.

“Hey Justin” My mom said softly. She was on tour with us for only a couple of days and then she would have to go back to canada to do book signings for her book.

“Hey mom.” “Hey buddy” Scooter yelled out. “Hey Scoot, ..... Hey Kenny ....Hey Ryan.”

“How are you feeling hun?” my mom asked shyly knowing i wouldn't want to talk about what happened last night.

“Ohh i’m fine mom.”

“Okay you have to be happy for your interviews and your photo shoot I don’t want your fans and beliebers to see you unhappy okay Justin?”

“Okay mom”

“Okay are you ready bud? we have a lot to do today we have interviews and photo shoots.”

“Yeah lets go guys” 



Justins POV 


 We were done with last interview. I couldn’t handle it any more they kept asking me about Selena and I didn’t want to answer about that anymore. I had an hour break to get some food I needed energy for the photo shoot so I asked Kenny to take me to Star Bucks to get coffee.


   I walked into it hopping no one would notice me. I was so lucky because there was no one there. The people at the register gasped when they saw me walk in. I walked up to the counter ordering my coffee when a girl caught my eye. She was beautiful. I needed to know who she was. I needed to meet her. Who was she? 



Elizabeths POV


     I was half way thru my shift when i saw someone familiar walk in thru the front door. It was Justin.... Justin Bieber. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I see what Ali Mia Caitlyn and Khloe had been obsessing about he was gorgeous. 

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