Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


21. Chapter 21

Justin's Pov 

I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for Liz to come out when all of a sudden I heard screaming. I quickly got out of my seat to see Liz being pushed out of Mia's room screaming and with tears streaming down her face.

"Liz what's wrong" I said running up to her pulling her into a hug 

"S-she is d-dying J-Justin" Lizsobbed with tears falling out of her eyes uncontrollably  

I had no idea what to say to her other the reassure her that everything was going to be fine. 

"Shhh everything is going to be alright" I said walking her over to a chair and cradling her into my lap. 

I cradled Liz in my arms back and forth waiting for news from the doctor. We waited for about half and hour and we still hadn't heard anything from the doctor I noticed Liz was getting sleepy I was going to let her sleep untill her mom came rushing into the waiting room. 

"Liz what's wrong where is Mia why are you crying!" Her mom yelled making Liz shoot up off my lap 

"Mom Mia had the baby but but-" before Liz could even finish the doctor came out and started speaking making both Liz and her mom snap their heads towards him.  

"Family members of Mia Patron?" The doctor called out 

"Right here!" her mom called out 

"We are very sorry but... Mia.. Mia passed away." The doctor said with a straight face

"What no no this can't be true no YOU'RE LYING THIS IS ALL A LIE!" Liz yelled trying to run into Mia's room 

I ran up to her holding her back from going into the room 

"JUSTIN LET ME GO LET ME GO I NEED TO SEE MIA LET ME GO!" She yelled at me with tears come uncontrollably out of her eyes. 

"Baby calm down" I told her with tears falling out of my eyes. 

Seeing her like this broke my heart. 

"NO MIA'S IN HER ROOM SHE'S FINE! LET ME GO I NEED TO SEE HER!" She yelled punching my chest and kicking he legs all over the place 

"Let me go" she yelled once again struggling to get out of my hold

I held on to her tightly not letting go of her knowing that if I let her go into that room she would get even worse and start breaking things out of anger and sadness I couldn't let her go I there I couldn't do it.

"Baby calm down please!" i said holding her close to my chest 

"NO NO MIA" She said slipping out of my hands and on the the floor 

Liz sat on the floor curled up for about a minute. She then slowly started to get off the floor and walked towards the stairs. I followed her down she then started running towards the entrance to the hospital. She made it out side and camera lights started flashing blinding me. She had made it past the paparazzi and she kept running. 

I pushed through the paparazzi trying to get to her. After pushing through everyone I saw her go to the left. 
I followed her waiting for her to stop but she wouldn't stop she just kept going. After about 20 minutes of running we came to a park. Liz walked over to the swings and sat down. 

I slowly walked over to her and sat next to her. She stared straight ahead not saying a word. I stayed quiet not wanting to interrupt her thoughts. 

"Mia Mike and I would always come to the play ground when we were younger." She said quietly still staring out in front of her 

"We would always come here every day after school. Mike would always push me and Mia on the swings. Or we would always run around here and play tag with each other. We had so many good memories here" 

"Mike and Mia were everything to me. They were my best friends. Now look at me I'm all alone. I have no one." She said 
Looking down with tears slowly rolling down on her cheeks 

I got up and stood in front of her. 

"Baby girl look at me" I said looking down at her 

Nothing she ignored me and kept looking down. 

"Baby girl..." I said lifting her chin to look at me 

"You have me I'm not leaving you. I promise ill always be here for you. I...I love you.... I could never leave you" I said squatting down in front of her 

"I'm never leaving you." I said kissing her 

I pulled away waiting for her to tell me she loved me but nothing. 

"Thank you Justin" she said wiping the tears off her face 

"I just wanted you to know that I will always be here for you no matter what i will never leave you because I love you Liz" I said again hoping to get an answer out of her. But I got nothing but a small smile 

Why wasn't she saying it back.. Did she not feel the same way. Was I moving to fast. I dont care I love her and that's all that matters I'm not going to give up until she feels the same way. 


sorry i keep taking so long to update. 

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