Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


20. Chapter 20

2 Months later 

Elizabeth's Pov 

I've been on tour with Justin for two months now. It's been amazing I love it he's so sweet. He's been doing amazing. I love watching him on stage it. 

Justin finally had a week off starting today. He was taking me somewhere but he wouldn't tell me where. 

"Justin please just tell me where we are going please" I gave him a pout 

"No you'll see where we are going im not going to tell you where we are going" he said sternly 

"Ugh Justin plea-" 

I was cut off by the sound of a ringing noise filling the room 

I looked around and found my phone. Mom was flashing on the screen. 

"Hello mom?" 

"Elizabeth I need you to come home now!" She sounded worried 

"Mom what's wrong?" I asked panicking 

"Mia is going into labor and she wants you here I need you to come home NOW!" She yelled 

"Okay okay mom I'm going I'm going" I said quickly getting to me feet 

I started rushing around the room getting everything I needed 

"Baby what's wrong?" Justin said following me 

"I need to go home now Mia is going into labor my mom is freaking out and I don't know what to do" I said quickly leaving me out of breath 

"Calm down okay breath in and out we will get there just in time for Mia to give birth. I call Kenny to book us on the next flight to California okay" he said rubbing my arm 

"Okay" I said calming down a little bit more 

"Everything is going to be fine okay?" He said pulling me into a hug and kissing my head 

"Okay" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek 


We finally landed and I was nervous Mia wasn't supposed to be due for another month. 

I quickly got off the plane pulling Justin out side the airport. There weren't paparazzi or fans because they didn't know Justin was coming back to LA. 

Kenny pulled up out side the airport in a black range rover. Justin and I quickly jumped in the car. Our luggage was in the back Kenny had gotten it while Justin and I got off the plane. 

Kenny quickly drove to the hospital. Once we got there I pulled Justin to the front desk. 

"How may I help you?" The lady at the front desk said with a smile 

"I'm here for Mia Patron" I said out of breath 

"Ahha she's on floor 3 in room 322" 

"Thank you" I quickly said before pulling Justin into the elevator and wildly pushing the number 3 

"Baby calm down Mia is going to be fine okay" Justin said calmly 

"I can't calm down Justin my baby sister is about to give birth!" I said running my hands through my hair 

After what felt like forever the elevator came to a stop. I rushed down the hall looking for room 322. 

The door was slightly open so I slowly walked in. 

"Liz!" Mia's face lit up 

"Hey Mia!" I said walking over to her giving her a hug 

"Hi Justin" she said with a huge smile on her face 

"Hello sweetheart" Justin said leaning down giving her a kiss on the cheek 

"How do you feel?" I asked holding her hand 

"My stomach really hurts" she said frowning 

"It's okay Mia everything is going to be fine okay?... Where is mom and dad?" I said holding her hand 

"Mom went to go get food and dad... He is umm home he didn't want to come.." She said looking to the floor 

"Ohh.." I said looking away 

"Justin you can go home if you want ill be home later?" I said looking up at him 

"No it's fine I want to stay with you baby girl" he said grabbing a chair and sitting next to me 

"Thanks Justin" I gave him a smile 

"Ouch" Mia yelled grabbing on to her stomach with tears coming out of her eyes

Justin went into the hall and got a nurse to come in to check on her.

"Mia breath okay every thing is going to be fine okay" 

The nurse spread ultrasound gel on Mia's stomach and turned on the machine

"We are going to have to do a cesarean the baby is in the wrong position we are going to have to start as soon as possible" 

"Umm okay" I said looking at Mia 

"Let me go get the doctor so we can start" the nurse said walking out the door 

"Okay Mia breathe in and out everything is going to be alright okay" 

"Okay Liz please don't leave I want you to stay with me please!" Mia said holding my hand 

"I won't I promise okay ill be by your side through the whole thing I won't leave" 

The doctor came in hand with two other nurses. 

"Okay Mia I guess it's time... We can only have one of you in the room who is staying?" The doctor said looking over at me and Justin 

"I'm staying" I said looking over at Justin 

"Here you have to put these on" the doctor said handing me a pair of scrubs 

It took them some time I had no idea what they were doing but eventually I heard cries of a baby. 

They handed the baby to Mia. Mia looked down at the baby with a smile and looked back up at me

"Thank you Liz for being here. I love you" 

" I love you too Mia" 

They then took the baby away from Mia and took it to a room. I was about to walk out of the room when I heard a noise. A noise that filled the room. It was a beeping noise I had no Idea what was going on. 

I quickly ran over to Mia to see her eyes closed and a flat line on the heart monitor next to her with a loud beep coming out of it. 

"What's going on what's going on!" I yelled frantically 

"Miss we are going to have to ask you to leave the room" a nurse said pushing me out of the room 


"Miss please" the nurse said pushing me out 

The last thing I remembered seeing was Mia's lifeless body on the bed with doctors hovering over her trying to revive her.

"Liz what's wrong" Justin said running up to me pulling me into a hug 

"S-she is d-dying J-Justin" I sobbed with tears falling out of my eyes uncontrollably 

"Shhh everything is going to be alright" Justin said walking me over to a chair and cradling me into his lap. 

Justin cradled me back and forth for almost 30 minutes and nothing.
My eye lids started to get heavy and I was about to fall asleep when my mom came rushing into the room. 

"Liz what's wrong where is Mia why are you crying!" 

"Mom Mia had the baby but but-" before I could finish what I was saying the doctor came out. 

"Family members of Mia Patron?" The doctor called out 

"Right here!" My mom called out 

"We are very sorry but... Mia.. Mia didn't make it." The doctor said with a straight face

"What no no this can't be true no YOU'RE LYING THIS IS ALL A LIE!" I yelled trying to run into Mia's room 

Justin held me back from running in. 


"Baby calm down" Justin said with tears falling out of his eyes 

"NO MIA'S IN HER ROOM SHE'S FINE! LET ME GO I NEED TO SEE HER!" I yelled punching Justin's chest 

"Let me go" I yelled 

Justin held on to me tightly not letting go 

"Baby calm down please!" He said holding me close to his chest 

"NO NO MIA" I said slipping out of Justin's hands and on the the floor 

I slowly got up off the floor and walked the other way towards the stairs. I ran down the stairs and out the hospital. I ran I had no idea where I was going I was going to let my feet take me where ever 

hey guys soo sorry i didn update! my internet hasnt been working i promise once it starts working ill post more 

love you all sorry 


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