Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


2. Chapter 2

 I walked into the lunch room. I was looking for my best friends I hadn't seen them all day. I needed to talk to someone or I was going to explode. I got my lunch tray and put a slice of pizza and juice on it and walked to an empty lunch table. I wasn't really in the popular group but Jason was so when we went out I would sit with him and his group of friends but, I never really became friends with anyone from the group. I really only have 3 friends. 

     I started to put the pizza in my mouth when Alison my best friend say next to me with my other friends Klohe & Caitlyn following right behind her. 

      Ali and I had been best friends since the 1st grade I could trust her with anything we were like sisters. Ali was in the popular group every one knew who she was. Ali had it all her family was rich and she was beautiful. She was tall she had long brown hair she was skinny and had blue eyes. Every guy died to be her boyfriend and every girl died to be her or be her friend. She got a lot of attention but Klohe, Caitlyn and I were used to how much attention she got. Klohe and Caitlyn were both sisters Ali and I met at the beginning of freshman year. Klohe had light brown hair and hazel eyes she wasn't very tall, Caitlyn had long blonde hair with blue eyes she was the same hight as me. I also trusted them but not as much as I trusted Ali. All three of them were so beautiful I always felt ugly and disgusting when I was around them. 

   “Hey Liz” they all said cheerfully

“Ohh hey guys” I said slowly putting the pizza back on to my tray.

“So did you hear the news?!?!” Caitlyn squealed “What news” I said giggling back because of how excited she was.

“The news about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breaking up” Klohe squealed before Caitlyn could answer.

“Ohh i thought it was going to be important news.” I laughed

“UGH Liz why don't you like him he is so handsome and an amazing singer.” Ali said giving me an annoyed look

“I don't know I just don't like him there is something about him that makes me not like him.” They all gave me an annoyed glare. 

     I really didn’t know why they liked him so much I didn’t find him attractive and I really didn’t like his music.

“So guys what are you doing later I wanted you guys to come over so we could talk.”

“Ohh sure liz me and Caitlyn will be over” Klohe said with a smile on her face.

“Ohh what about you Ali?” Ali didn’t respond she looked like something was bothering her but I couldn’t tell what it was.

“Ali can you come?!?”

..... “ALISON!?!”

“ohh sorry i what did you ask me?” there was defiantly something bothering her.

“Can you come over later so we could talk you know about what happened with Jason” 

“Ohh sorry Liz I have to do something with my mom maybe this weekend tho”

Ali never said no to coming over my house she was acting really weird but knowing Ali it could have been anything. So I just brushed it off. 

   “So Liz how are you feeling about the Jason thing?” Klohe asked shyly

“Ohh Im-” “OMG guys i have some big news to tell you?!?” Ali said interrupting me.

“OMG what” Klohe said totally forgetting she had asked me something.

We all turned our attention to Ali. She opened her mouth to speak just as the bell rung for the next period.

“Ill tell you guys at the end of the day meet me but the gym at the end of the day!” she said slowly getting up and walking away. “

Okay” we all yelled back at her. I wonder what she had to tell us. I also wonder why she was acting so weird what was wrong with her. 

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