Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


19. Chapter 19

    Elizabeth’s Pov 

“Justin wake up.” he wasn’t waking up i shook him but nothing. Today was my first day on tour. I still hadn’t met anyone on the Bieber team other then the people I met the night of the concert but I did properly meet them. 


“Justin baby come on” i shook him again but still nothing

I was about to give up when i came up with a way to wake him up. I slowly crawled on to him and straddled him. 

I slowly leaned down and places kissed all over his face. I kissed his lips. I slowly kissed him all the way down to his neck. before i could make it any farther i felt my self being flipped over. 


“Good Morning Beautiful” Justin smiled 

He was now hovering over me


“Your should wake me up like that every day” he gave me a wink

he leaned down and gave me a kiss


“Has anyone ever told you you have the most amazing eyes” he said making me giggle and blush


“And the most amazing smile” he said making my checks a darker red


“Come on Justin get off me. You need to get ready for sound check and so do i” i said pushing him off me “Im going to take a shower okay” 


“Okay when you get out i want to introduce you to some of the crew okay?” 




I quickly got out of Justin's bed and grabbed a pair of high wasted shorts and a crop top and ran into the bathroom.


Justin’s Pov

“Justin wake up.” i heard some one say they walked over to me and shook me. I didn't want to get up so i decided to keep my eyes closed.


“Justin baby come on” i heard liz say again she shook me but i just laid there and pretended i was sleeping

She started to walk away then cam back and crawled on to me. 


 She slowly leaned down and places kissed all over my face. She kissed my lips. She slowly kissed my neck and started to make her way down. Before she could make it any farther i flipped her over. 

“Good Morning Beautiful” i said


“Your should wake me up like that every day” I winked at her

I leaned down and kissed her


“Has anyone ever told you you have the most amazing eyes” I said she giggled and her cheek turned a bright red


“And the most amazing smile” her cheeks turned a deeper red 

She looked so cute i loved making her blush


“Come on Justin get off me. You need to get ready for sound check and so do i” she said pushing me off her 


“Im going to take a shower okay” she said walking over to her suit case 


“Okay when you get out i want to introduce you to some of the crew okay?” i said laying back down on the bed


“Okay” she said walking into the bathroom


I heard  music start playing so i just laid back down and waited for her to get out of the shower.

About 10 minutes passed by and the water stopped. 

i then heard something familiar in the bathroom. 

I walked up and put my ear close to the door. 

My music was playing and she was singing along. 

She then came out of the bathroom and walked to her suite case.


“So you just cant get enough of me hmm? if you wanted to hear my voice i could have gone in the shower with you” i said with a grin on my face


“shut up it just happened to come on and i knew the words it and it was catchy okay?” she rolled her eyes and then giggled 


“Did you just roll your eyes at me?” i asked stepping closer to her


“Maybe i did maybe i didn’t” she giggled 


“ohh really you know what i do to girls that roll there eyes at me?” i said stepping closer to her


“What you don't intimidate me Bieber” she said smiling 

Before she could say anything else i picked her up and threw her on the bed. I pulled her arms above her head and started tickling her. 

she squirmed under neath me begging me to stop.


“JUSTIN stop stop” she was laughing uncontrollably 


“Are you going to roll your eyes at me again” tickling her all over


“No No justin stop!” she squirmed and kicked her feet laughing 


“Good” i said with a smirk on my face


I leaned down and gave her a kiss 


“Okay baby come on i want to introduce you to some of the team


I pulled her up off the bed and walked her off the bus. 

We then made our way into the arena.


“Aye scooter!” i said walking over to him 


“Hey Justin what do you need?” 


“Nothing i just wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend this is Elizabeth” 


“Hello i’m Scooter nice to meet you” he said extending his arm out 


“Hello i’m Elizabeth” she said shyly taking scooters hand and shaking it. 


“Well me and Liz are going to walk around im going to introduce her to some people okay?” i said looking at scooter


“Okay don’t forget You have sound check at 1 don’t be late!” 


“I wont!” i yelled walking away


Elizabeths Pov

     Justin introduced me to so many people this morning i don’t even remember half their names. I do remember a couple people Justin had said were going to be around us a lot. I didn’t really mind because they all seemed like amazing people. 


    I decided that i would skip sound check and i would see Justin tonight. I was overly tired from walking around and meeting people. 


    I walked back to the tour bus and walked to Justin’s room and plopped my self down on the bed. 

My eye lid were starting to get heavy when my phone rang. I picked it up and saw it was Mia.

“Hey Mia!” i said happy that she called me


“Hey Liz” she said.. she didn’t sound so good


“I know i only left yesterday but i miss yo already” i said looking down at my hands


“I know i miss you too. Its so diffrent without you here” she said letting out a sigh 


“You know you can come over whenever you want Justin said it was fine okay?” i said 


“Yeah i know” she said 


“So hows it going with mom and dad?” 


“Okay... I guess..... Mom took me to the doctors today.” she said sighing 


“Really what did the doctor say!” i sounded excited


“He said i was about 6 months preganant and the baby was okay.”




“I know thats what i thought but the doctor said since i was so tiny that it was hard to tell and that my stomach wouldn’t be very big so it would be hard to tell” she said 


“Wow that means you’re due in like 3 months” 


“yup” she said popping the P


“Well Liz i have to go okay” 


“Okay Mia call me tomorrow i love you” 


“Bye Liz i love you too” she said 


I hung up


Wow i couldn’t believe Mia was due in 3 months. 



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