Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


18. Chapter 18

Elizabeth's Pov 

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. Kaitlin and Klohe were passed out on the floor. I looked around for Justin but I didn't see him or Ali. I slowly got up and made my way to the kitchen. Finding both Justin and Ali sitting at the table eating cereal.  They both looked up at me. 

"Good morning" I said groggily 

"Good morning beautiful" Justin said getting up giving me a hug 

"Hey Liz" Ali said with a smile on her face 

"What are you guys up to?" I asked 

"Nothing we were just talking about the tour and stuff." Justin said giving my a kiss on the cheek 

"Ohh... What time are we leaving?" I looked over at him 

"We're leaving tonight at 6 so you have time to say bye to your parents and spent the day with Mia" he said with a smile 

Before I could answer Justin's phone went off. 

"I'll be there soon.."

"Liz I have to go scooter wants to meet with me so I can run over a couple  of things" Justin said walking over to the door 

"Okay see you later." I said walking him over to the door 

"Bye Liz" he said giving me a quick kiss before walking out the door 


  Finally I had gotten Ali Klohe and Kaitlin to leave. They talked so much about Justin and about how lucky I was to be his girlfriend. 

  I walked up to Mia's room to see how she was doing. 

"Hey Mia" I said poking my head through the door 

"Hey Liz is every one gone?" 

"Yeah umm mom and dad are home..." 
I said looking down at the floor 

"Yeah I know" she said looking down at her stomach 

"Do you want to go tell them now...?" I said waking over to her bed "Mia you don't have to be scared they'll help you while I'm gone okay... Sure Telly be surprised when they first find out but they'll get over it okay" 

"Liz I'm scared I don't want to tell them"  

"Mia it will all be alright okay come on" I said grabbing her hand pulling her out of bed 

We walked downstairs and made our way to the kitchen where my parents were. 

"Hey mom hey dad" I said sitting down at the table 

"Hey Hun what's up?" My mom said sitting next to me 

"Umm Mia and I have to talk to you..." 

"Okay go on" my mom said with a reassuring tone 

"Mia? " I said looking up at her 

"Umm well I have to tell you guys something but please don't hate me.." She said with tears slipping down her face 

"Hun why would we hate you you're our little girl we would never hate you" my dad said grabbing Mia's hand giving it a squeeze 

"Um I don't know how to tell you guys so I'm just going to say it... Umm I'm...... Umm... Pregnant.." Mia said quietly 

For minutes my parents stood there with their eyes wide open.  Not a word was said by either of them. 

"Well say something" Mia said with more tears slipping down her face 

"You're what!" My dad yelled 

"I'm pregnant dad I'm pregnant!?" 
Mia said yelling back at him 

"What! I've raised both of you better than this." He said raising his voice even higher  

And before anyone of us could calm him down he stormed off upstairs leaving us down stairs. 

"Mom?" Mia said looking over crying uncontrollably 

"Mia he'll come around it's going to be alright okay don't worry" I said hugging her 

My mom slowly with out a word walked over to Mia and hugged her. Mia let her self go and cried even more my our mothers arms. 

All my mom could do was rub Mia's back and cry with her. I walked over to them and hugged them both. We stood there for about 10 minutes before my mom spoke up. 

"Mia it's okay your father was just over reacting hell get over it okay" she said rubbing Mia's back 

"No mom he hates me he hates me" Mia said sobbing 

"It'll be alright Mia it'll be alright"  I reassured Mia 

I took all my bags down stairs. Justin would be arriving any moment now. I walked into the living room where my mom and Mia were seated. My dad was still locked in his room angry at what Mia had told him earlier. 

I sat next to Mia and have her a hug 

"You can come visit anytime to want okay Mia call me when ever you want ill always be here for you. Okay I love you" I said giving her head a kiss and a tight hug 

I walked over to my mom. 

"Have fun Liz okay don't forget to call us every night! We're going to miss you" my mom said hugging my tight 

The door bell rung. I walked over to the door opening it. Justin was standing there with the biggest smile on his face.

"Hello baby" he said giving me a kiss 

"Hey Justin" I said giving him a smile 

"Are you ready to go?" 

"Yeah come in I just have to say my final good byes" I said pulling him inside 

"Hey Mia mrs Patron" he said walking over to them giving the a hug each

"Hey Justin" they both replied 

"Okay mom Mia I have to go I love you both ill call you when I get to San Diego okay" 

I walked over to Mia and gave her a hug and kiss then walked over to my mom I hugged her

"Tell dad I said I love him and that I said bye... Ill call him later" I whispered in her ear

"Okay I will take care okay" she said giving me another squeeze 

"Okay bye mom bye Mia" I said walking over to the door 

"Justin take good care of my baby girl okay!" My mom yelled out laughing 

"Okay mrs patron I will " he said laughing back 

Justin grabbed my bags and he walked over to his car and put them in. He then walked over to the passenger side of the car and opened it helping me get in. He then jogged over to the driver seat and got in. We slowly started to pull out of the drive way. I turned around and waves good bye to both Mia and my mom. I waved until all I could see was tiny little specks. 

I turned around and looked at Justin. He had a huge smile on his face. I was excited to go on your with him but I didn't want to leave Mia. I was happy that I got to be with him all summer tho. 

"Are you ready? We are going to have the best summer ever" he said grabbing my hand giving it a squeeze 

"Yeah I know" I said giggling and giving him a kiss on the cheek 

My summer was just about to get started. 

authors note 

sorry i took so long to update ive been really busy. 

School and dance are both almost over i only have one week left of both. 

i have finals this week so im not sure if ill be able to update until saturday 

i promise ill do more of justins pov from now on i just had to get the whole thing started and stuff 

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I love you all <33


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