Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


17. Chapter 17

Elizabeth's Pov 

There was one day left until I had to go on tour with Justin. I honestly couldn't wait to get out of this city I hated everyone here. 

As always I was last minute packing.  I was rushing all over the house getting my clothes and stuff I needed. 

I need to have everything ready before my friends came over. 

They didn't know that I was leaving to go on tour with Justin. They still didn't even know that we were going out. I decided not to tell them because I knew they would have made a big deal out of it and they would have told the whole world and Justin and I wanted privacy. 

Justin and I haven't really told anyone yet the only ones that know are our parents. We just wanted privacy but I knew that now that he was going back on tour that was the last thing we were going to get. 

It was about 3 in the afternoon when I finished packing. I walked down stairs and Mia was sitting on the couch watching the tv. 

"Hey mia wheres mom and dad?" 

"they went out for lunch with grandma" 

"Oh do you know when they'll come home?" 

"No why" 

"I was just wondering" 

"Umm Mia we have to talk" I said walking over to the couch 

"About what" she said patting down a seat next to her 

"Um okay you know how I told you I was going on your with Justin but only for a week?" I asked looking at her 

"Yeah why?" She asked with a confused look in her face

"Umm well I'm not going for a week.... I'm going for the whole summer..." I said looking away 

"WHAT LIZ YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME ALL SUMMER PLEASE DON'T" she squealed "who is going to take care of me now I can't tell mom and dad I'm pregnant I can't "  

"Mia you have to they need to know.. You aren't going to be able to hide this any more you're getting bigger" 

"No Liz please you can't leave me here alone" she said tears sliding down her face 

"Mia you have to tell them tonight before I leave" 

Right as I finished talking the door bell rung. 

I got up and walked over to the door. I looked back at Mia and she was wiping her tears off her face. Turning my attention back to the door I opened it.  

"Hey baby" Justin said giving me a quick kiss and walking into my house 

"Hey Justin" I said giving him a smile 
"Alison Kaitlin and Klohe should be here soon" 

"Ohh okay" he said giving me a smile back 

"Hey Mia" he said walking over to her giving her hug

"Hey Justin" she said giving him a big smile 

He was always the only one that could cheer her up. 

About 10 minutes later the door bell rung again 

"Justin go upstairs I don't want them to see you yet" I whispered shooing him away 

Taking a deep breath I walked over to the door and opened it. 

"OMG Elizabeth I haven't seen you in forever!" Ali squealed hugging me 

"Hey Ali.. Hey Kaitlin hey Klohe" I said giving them all hugs 

They all walked in and sat down on the couch. 

"So what are we doing tonight?" Ali asked 

"Um I don't know do you guys want to watch a movie?" 

"YES!" They all yelled 

"Hey Liz where's Mia?" Ali asked 

I didn't even notice she had left. 

"She must have gone up to her room" 

"Okay before we watch the movie I have to talk to you guys about something" I said looking away 

"What is it?" Kaitlin said looking at me 

"Soo umm I have a boyfriend..." I whispered 

"You have a what?" Klohe said looking straight at me 

"Umm I have a boyfriend"

"What!? Who is he!?! Do we know him??" Ali yelled in shock 

"Umm yeah you guys kinda know him" I said looking away 

"Who is he! Come one tell us" Ali said with a serious tone 

"Umm his name is ugh Justin..." 

"We don't know anyone named Justin" Kaitlin said with a confused look on her face 

"Umm you don't know him know him but you know who he is.." I said looking away 

"Okay what's his last name?" Klohe asked confused 

"Umm it's uhhh B-bieber" I said in a low tone

"What no way you do not go out with Justin bieber! Stop lying!" Ali said surprised 

"Umm yeah I do and uhh he asked me if I wanted to go on tour with him the whole summer.."

"What did you say! What did you say" Klohe squealed 

"Um I said yes..." 

"No you are such a liar stop playing with us you don't even know Justin bieber!" Ali said laughing 

"I do Ali Do you think I would lie to you about something so big?" 

"I don't know... Prove it then" she said 

Picking up my phone I dialed Justin's number. 

"Justin can you come down here now?" 

"Yeah I'm coming" he said hanging up 

"He's coming down now.." I said 

"Wait he's been here this whole time!?" Kaitlin squealed 

"Yeah he's been up-" and before I could finish my sentence Justin was standing at the end of the stairs 

I looked over at the girls and their mouths were wide open. It made me giggle. I got up and walked over to Justin and gave him a kiss. 

"Umm Justin these are my friends. You've met them before" 

"Oh yeah I remember you went to the meet and greet with them" he said 

"Yeah this is Ali, Kaitlin and Klohe" I said pointing to each one of then 

"Hello jm Justin" he said smiling 

"We all know who you are... It such an honor to meet you" Kaitlin said with her mouth still wide open 

It made me giggle at the effect Justin had on my friends.  It was really funny. 

"We'll now that we got that out of the way what movie are we watching?" I said walking over to the tv 

"I don't know it doesn't matter" Ali said still not taking her eyes of Justin 

"Here we can watch this" I said holding up a random movie and popping it into the DVD player 

I walked over to the couch and cuddled up next to Justin. I could tell all the girls were jealous of me because I got to be with the boy of their dreams. I still couldn't believe Justin was mine. 

I snuggled closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. 

I couldn't wait till tomorrow I was going to be with him all summer I was so excited. 



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