Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


16. Chapter 16

Elizabeth's Pov 


The front door shut waking me up. It was either Mia or my parents. I was about to get up when I felt arms holding me down.  Looking over I saw Justin laying next to me, and all the memories started to flood back. Justin asking me to go on tour with him, almost getting rapped by Jason and Justin asking me to be his girlfriend. It was so much to think about. I couldn't believe Justin wanted me to go with him on tour and I still couldnt believe that I was now Justin Bieber's girlfriend


    I tried slipping out of Justin's arms but he only tightened them around me. Trying not to wake him up I reached for my phone but once again failing miserably I woke him up.  His eyes fluttered open and they adjusted to the light. 


"Good morning beautiful" he said yawning 


"Good morning Justin" I said kissing his cheek 


"How do you feel?" He whispered not wanting to remind me about what happened last night 


"Umm I feel okay" I said pulling up the blankets to my neck 


"It's okay Liz  in not going to let any one hurt you" he said pulling me closer to him 


For a while we stayed laying on the bed hugging each other.  


"Justin we have to get up someone is home I think it might be my parents" I said pulling the blankets back 


"No come on just 5 more minutes please" he pouted


"No come on!" I said giggling at how childish he was acting 


"Ugh fine! You know I've stayed over you house like 10 times already and I still haven't met your parents." 


"That's because they always are visiting family or something" 




"Umm take a shower and you can go down and meet then okay?" I said giving him a towel 


"Are we going to tell them we go out?" 


"Do you want to?" I said looking over at him 


"Yeah but wait until I get down there okay?" He said putting the towel around his neck


"Okay" I said smiling at him


He soon walked into the bathroom and I waited to hear the shower start running. Once I did I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of sweat pants and a tank top and changed into then. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and walked out of my room. 


Walking into the kitchen I saw both my parents at the table eating breakfast. 


"Hey mom hey dad" I said giving them both kisses on the cheek 


"Hey hun" my mom said giving me a warm smile 


"Um I had a friend stay over last night is that okay?" 


"Yeah sure Liz where are she?" My dad said taking a sip of his coffee 


"Ohh umm its a he... And he's taking a shower.." I said looking down at the ground 


"Do we know this person?" My mom asked 


"Umm yeah I'm sure you do"  I said looking away from where they were


"Have we met him yet?" My dad said looking at me


"Umm no I don't think so" I said picking at my nails


"Who is it Elizabeth?" My dad said looking a bit serious


"You'll find out soon when he comes out of the shower" 


"Okay" my dad said taking another sip of his coffee  


"Umm where is Mia?" I said trying to change the subject 


"She's at her friends house why?" My mom asked


"No I'm just wondering" I said looking down at the floor


"She's been acting different lately do you know what's going on with her?" My mom asked


"No I have no idea what might be wrong with her" I lied I couldn't tell them not after I promised Mia I wouldn't tell our parents


Before the conversation could get any deeper I heard foot steps coming down the stairs.  


"Liz where are you?" He asked


"Um I'm in the kitchen" I said loud enough so he could hear me 


"Hey" he said walking over to me 


"Umm hey Justin this these are my parents" I said looking over at the two of them 


They both looked up at him in shock not knowing what to say. 


"Hello Mr and Mrs Patron I'm Justin" He smiled at them 


"Wait your Justin Bieber..." My mom said getting up walking towards him 


"Um yes I am" he said extending his hand out to hers


But she denied his hand and pulled him into a hug 


"It's a pleasure to meet you" she said hugging him tighter 


"You too Mrs Patron" he said back at her 


My dad got up and shook his hand. 


"This is the friend that stayed over?" My dad questioned 


"Yeah umm we actually are more then friends... We kind of go out" I said looking down at the floor 


"Is this true Mr Bieber" my dad said looking over at Justin 


"Yes it is sir" he said quietly 


"Ohh okay..." My dad said with a tone in his voice he didn't look like he was very happy about it 


"Ohh wow that amazing" my mom said with cheer in her voice 


She seemed pretty happy about it. 

She then pulled him into the living room and started talking to him and asking him questions. While my dad stayed back in the kitchen and looked at Justin with disgust. 


"Dad what's wrong?" I asked him 


"You don't see what he's doing... Didn't he just break up with that girl Selena Gomez?" He asked not taking his eyes of Justin


"What are you talking about dad?" 

I asked confused 


"You don't see it Elizabeth he's using you. That's what stuck up Famouse boys do. When they get what they want they leave you. Elizabeth he doesn't like you he's only using you to get Selena back." My dad said looking at me


"Dad that's not true he really does like me! Okay stop it I don't care what you have to say about this we are going out because we like each other!" I said yelling at him 


"No you are going to listen to me because I am your father! You are going to break up with him because he is going to hurt you worse then that boy Jason did" he said yelling back at me 


" Hes nothing like Jason. he's not like that dad he's sweet you have to get to know him he's nothing like you think he is okay he cares about me he likes me!" I yelled at him with tears sliding down my face


"No he doesn't Elizabeth. Now listen to me you are going to break up with him before he can hurt you"  


"No Im not dad I like him okay and there's nothing you can do about it...... And guess what I'm going on tour with him and there's nothing you can do about that either" I said walking away into the living room to where Justin and my mom were


I guess I had just made my decision  I was going on Tour with Justin. 


Justins Pov 


  Liz’s mom pulled me into the living room and started to ask me questions but i couldn’t pay attention to her. I looked into the kitchen and i saw Liz arguing with her dad. She was crying and i knew that it was bad. I couldn’t tell what was going on. But she then started walking into the living room and wiped her tears away. I looked back at her mom so she didn’t notice that i was looking at her. She sat next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 


“im going on tour with you okay” she whispered in my ear 



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