Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


15. Chapter 15

Justin’s Pov

    The whole car ride i was nervous. I didn’t know how she was going to react. We pulled into the parking lot to one of my favorite restaurants. Turning off the ignition i quickly got out the car jogged over to Elizabeths side of the car. Opening the door i took her hand and helped her out the car.  

Thank God there wasn’t any paparazzi around they were always so annoying with their cameras flashing in my face. 


    We made our way into the restaurant. I gave them the name that the reservation was under and we made our way to a table. The restaurant wasn’t very full so no one really noticed me. 


“Hello my name is Ashley i will be your waiter for the night can i start you off with something to drink?” 


“Yeah ill just have a coke” i said looking over at Elizabeth  


“ill just have water please” Elizabeth smiled


“okay ill be right back with your drinks” the waiter said walking away


“so how is Mia been doing?” i asked looking over at Elizabeth 


“I don't know im worried about her she has been really distant with every one lately.” she said looking down at her hands 


“Elizabeth don’t worry every thing is going to be fine you’ll see” i said lifting her chin up


“any ways are you happy you’re done with high school?” i said trying to lighten the mood.


“Yeah” she said smiling 


“What are you going to do now that you have finished high school?” i asked 


“Im not sure” she said playing with the fork on the table


“Well i have a surprise for you!” 


“Oo what?” she asked her eyes lighting up


“Do you want to umm.... go on tour with me?” i asked playing with my fingers


    She looked at me with a blank stare i had no idea what she was thinking right now. 




Elizabeths Pov


“Do you want to umm.... go on tour with me?”


i stared at him for what felt like hours i had no idea what to say. 


“Elizabeth speak to me...” he whispered 


“Umm i don’t know justin” i said looking down at the floor


I want to go so badly with him i do but what am i going to do with Mia. She needs me. She doesn't have anyone else right now. I was going to have to talk to her about it. 


“you don't have to decide to your parents and Mia about it...i really want you to come with me” he said grabbing my hand and squeezing it tightly


“Thank you Justin for the lovely night i enjoyed my self” i said walking up to my front door


“You’re welcome Liz please think about it” he said running down to his car


“i will” i said waving with a smile on my face


    Turning around i opened the door and made my way inside. I was about to go upstairs when there was a knock on the front door. I walked over to it thinking it could have been Justin. I opened the door and stood still when i saw who was at the door. Jason was at the door. 


“Umm.. Jason what are you doing here?” 


“Elizabeth we need to talk.” he whispered 


“No i dont have anything to say to you now Jason please leave.” 


“No we need to talk” he said raising his voice a little

“Jason please leave i don't want to talk to you” i said tears ready to fall 


“No im not leaving” he said pushing me back so that he could get into my house




“No im not leaving until you listen to me” he said pushing me back against a wall


“jason get off me please” i pleaded 


    He ignored me and kept kissing my neck his hands traveled all over my body. I didn't want this. I hated him. 


“Jason please” i pleaded with tears now streaming down my face


    I tried pushing him away but i couldn't he was to strong. 


“Jason please don't i don't want this” i said crying even harder 


    He grabbed the bottom of my dress and started pulling it up but before he could get it off i slapped him hard. 


“JASON LEAVE NOW” i said pushing him away and out the door


“Bitch you aren't going to get away with this.” he said running out the door and out into the night


Sliding down the wall i hugged my knees and cried. Could my life get any worse?


Justin’s Pov 

 I drove away from Elizabeths house. So much was on my mind. I didn't know what Elizabeth was going to say I really wanted her to say yes. I wanted to be with her all summer. 


    I heard a buzzing that interrupted my thoughts. I looked down at the passenger seat and i saw Elizabeths phone. She must have forgotten it. 


    I quickly turned around and made my way to Elizabeths house. I was only about 10 minutes away or so. 


    Finally getting to her house i noticed the front door was wide open. I quickly got out of my car and made my way to the front door. I stepped into her house and heard something. It sounded like someone crying. 


    I looked down at the floor and saw Elizabeth on the floor crying.


“ELIZABETH!” i yelled running to her side


“everything is going to be alright okay. Now i need you to calm down and tell me what happened” i said hugging her close to my chest


“H-he was here he was going to rape me J-justin” she said crying into my chest


“who was here?” i said rubbing her back trying to get her to calm down


“J-Jason was here” she cried 


“Elizabeth baby please calm down im here now no one is going to hurt you okay?” i said picking her up and cradling her in my arms


    She held on to me tightly. I hated seeing her like this she was slowly starting to fall apart. She was broken.


    I picked her up ad closed the front door making sure to lock it. With her still in my arms i walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. We were the only ones in the house. 

I took her shoes off and put her down on the bed. 


“Justin please stay with me im scared.” She whispered


“Don't worry im not going anywhere.” i said taking off my shoes and crawling into bed with her. 


About 30 minutes later i had gotten her to finally fall asleep. She looked so peace full in her sleep. I could stare at her forever. I knew that i was falling for her. I wanted her to be mine. 


“I want to be the one to protect you. I want to be able to hold you in my arms and call you mine.” i whispered “I want you to be mine Elizabeth I want you to -” 


Before i could finish her eyes fluttered open. She reached out and pulled my face down to meet hers. I stared into her beautiful green eyes and I kissed her. 


“will you be mine Elizabeth?” 


“yes” she whispered and i once again kissed her. 


Author note


ive been so busy lately im really sorry!

But im so excited to write the next chapters its going to get good. Im soo happy that Justin and Elizabeth are finally together. Review my story and tell me what you think.

share it please! 

i love you all 


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