Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


14. Chapter 14

Today was a big day, It was finally graduation. I finally get to leave this hell of a high school. I hated this place, i was finally able to do what ever i wanted to do. 


    I pulled the covers back and quickly got out of bed. I made my way down the hall into Mia’s room. My parents still hadn’t know about her pregnancy. It had been about 5 weeks since she had told me she was pregnant. She was starting to get bigger i knew eventually my parents were going to have to know, but i promised her i wouldn’t tell them. 


“Hey Mia How are you” i asked popping my head through the door


“Im fine Liz” she said giving me a small smile


“Okay, im going to take a shower if you need anything just knock on the door, and oh Justin called last night to see how you were doing” i said walking out the door 


    Justin had left for his believe tour and i missed him so much. Ever since he left he has called me every night to see how Mia and I were doing. He still didn’t know how i felt about him we were only friends for now. 


    Sadly he wasn’t going to be able to make it to my graduation. I wanted him to go so badly but he was in Miami doing a concert. 


    I walked into my bathroom and turned the shower on. I stepped out of my clothes and into the shower. I stood in the shower, so much was running through my head. I shut my eyes, standing still in the shower. Taking a shower was always a good way to let my mind free its self from everything, it always relaxed me. I quickly finished up my shower. Stepping out i grabbed a towel and wrapped it tightly around my body. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my self for a moment. I couldn't believe i was finally graduating high school.




“Mom you can drop me off at the gym, Ill meet up with you when graduation is over” 


“Okay hun, Im so proud of you” my mom said with tears running down her cheeks 


“Mom please don’t cry you will make me cry and then ill ruin my make up” i said pulling her into a hug


“I know im just so proud of you” she said quickly wiping her tears away


“I know mom i have to go now okay i love you” i said pulling away from her


“Bye Hun i love you too your father Mia and I are so proud of you” 


    I quickly walked to the gym looking for Ali Klohe, and Caitlyn. It was so crowded i had no idea how i was going to find them




“Oh hey i was looking for you guys” i said smiling and all 3 of them 


“Come on we have to start going to our seats” Ali said pulling us towards the foot ball field




    Before i knew it, it was my turn to start lining up. The line quickly started to move finally getting to my name. 


“Elizabeth Patron” 


    I quickly walked up the stairs receiving my diploma and going down the line shaking all of my teachers hands. When to the end i turned around scanning the crowd for my parents and Mia, when someone caught my attention. Squinting i looked at the person and i noticed who it was. It was Justin. I couldn't believe my eyes Justin made it to my graduation he was here. 


    I quickly walked back to my seat and turned around looking for him but i could find him any more. I didn't know if my mind was playing games with me or if he was really here. I guess i was going to have to wait to see. 




“You are now the class of 2013” 


Every one threw their caps up into the air. 


    I waited until every thing started to calm down and i walked over to where Ali, Klohe, and Caitlyn were.

“Finally we no longer have to come to this hell hole” Ali said laughing 


“I know thank God” Klohe agreed 


    We walked back to the gym. I was looking for Justin i really had hoped my mind wasn’t playing games with me i wanted him to be here. 


    We were about half way back to the gym when someone yelled my name.




    I turned around and saw him standing there. Justin was standing a couple feet away from me. He was wearing black pants with a white button up shirt and a black blazer and a pair of sun glasses. He looked amazing.


    I walked towards him and before i knew it i was running. He held his arms wide open. I jumped into them and he twirled me around. I was the so happy he was here.


“Surprise” she said with a huge smile on his face


“Justin i cant believe you’re here” i said pulling Justin into another hug


“I have another surprise for you” 


“What is it!” i said with excitement in my voice


“Ill tell you if you agree to go to dinner with me tonight” 


“Deal” i said giggling 


“Now lets go find my parents” i said grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the gym




Justin’s Pov 


    I pulled into Elizabeth’s drive way. I was nervous about her surprise i didn’t know what she was going to think. 


    I turned the ignition off and walked up to the door and rung the door bell. Elizabeth opened the door. She looked amazing she was wearing a short lilac dress with white heels. 


“You look amazing” 


“Thank you” she said twirling around 


“Are you ready to go?” i said taking her hand in mine 


“Yeah lets go” 


    I couldn't wait to see how she would react to my surprise i didn't know what she would say. I guess i was going to find out pretty soon.




Hey guys sorry i havent updated may has been a busy month for me so far.


What do you think justin's surprise is? hmmm something to think about. I promise you my story will get better soon most likely in the next chapter some exciting things are going to happen and sooner in the story things you dont see coming are going to happen!


I will be updating on friday. I wont be updating this weekend because its my recital and im going to be running all over the place saturday and sunday. I really hope you guys like what im writing share my story and review it tell me what you think about it.

I love you guys xoxo 


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