Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


12. Chapter 12

Justin’s Pov 

     On the way to my house I couldn’t help but think. Think about the time I had just spent with her. I was starting to have feelings for her feelings i thought i would never feel again. I think i was starting to like her. 


    Pulling into the drive way of my house i noticed that Alfredo and Scooter were over. Parking the car i quickly got out and jogged up to the front door pushing it open. I walked the living room finding both Scooter and Alfredo sitting calmly on my couch discussing something. 


“Hello?” i said clearing my throat 


“Oh hi Justin where have you been?” Scooter asked


“I was out with someone” 


“With who” Alfredo asked


“Someone” i simply said back


“Is that someone a girl?” Fredo asked 


“Maybe” I smiled 


“Whats her name” they both asked in unison 




“When are we going to meet her?” Scooter asked pointing to him and Alfredo 


“Im going to take a shower” i said walking away


“Justin we are going to have to meet her sooner or later” Scooter yelled out 


    I choose to ignore him and went up to my bathroom and took of my clothes then stepped into the shower. 


Elizabeth’s Pov


“Im pregnant” 


    I sat there shocked at what i was hearing. I couldn’t believe my little sister had just told me she was pregnant. 


“What?” i said with disbelief in my voice 


“Liz i am pregnant” 


“Mia if this is a joke its not funny you need to stop” 


“Im not joking im 2 months pregnant” 

I couldn’t believe this was happening right now. I sat there staring at her not saying a word. 

“Liz you cant tell mom and dad please” she pleaded

How could she be asking me this right now. I couldn’t keep this from my parents I had to tell them what was going on I couldn’t keep Mias secret 


“WHAT MIA HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME NOT TO TELL MOM!” i shouted quickly getting to my feet


“Liz please you cant tell mom PLEASE!” Mia pleaded 


“Mia either you tell mom and dad or i will you choose.”


“I cant tell mom and dad Liz i cant” she said sobbing 


“MIA YOU HAVE TO! THIS IS SERIOUS” i shouted back at her


“LIZ CANT YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT I CANT TELL THEM.” she shouted back at me but even louder


“Mia why cant you tell them they need-” 


    And before i could finish my sentence something came out of Mia’s mouth something i never would have thought would ever come out of her mouth. 


“I WAS RAPED LIZ I WAS FUCKING RAPED” she yelled falling to the floor and curling up into a ball. 


“Mia I-Im sorry” i said walking towards her 


“Liz everything that could possibly go wrong in my life has gone wrong. I don't know what to do. I just want to die.” she said sobbing into a pillow


“Mia please don’t say that. Everything will be fine okay we can get through this Ill help you get through this. You aren’t alone i promise.” i said hugging her 


    In my arms she broke down and started to cry even more. I couldn’t hold back the tears and before i knew it tears started to stream down my face. I was always strong but i couldn’t hold it in any more. 


“Mia i promise i wont tell mom or dad yet but i need you to tell me something please.” 


“What?” she said still sobbing


“I need you to tell me who did this to you please.” i said rubbing her back


“i cant tell you that liz because i don’t know.” she said crying even more 

    I felt so bad. In that moment I though of only one thing that could possibly calm her down. And that thing was Justin’s voice. I always noticed that whenever she was upset she would always listen to his music and she would instantly feel better. Maybe i could get him to come over and sing to her to get her to calm down. 


    Taking my phone out of my back pocket and i quickly scrolled thru my contacts looking for Justin’s number. Finding it i quickly opened a new message and started typing. 



To: Justin


From: Elizabeth 


Justin can you please come to my house as soon as possible? 


I really hoped he would be able to come. With in a minute he had texted me back



To: Elizabeth 


From: Justin 


Sure i hope every think is fine. Ill be there in about 15 mins 


 In 15 mins Justin was at the front door and Mia was still sobbing uncontrollably 


“Mia hold ill be right back i need to go get the door.” I said quickly getting up


Jogging down the stairs I made my way to the door. I opened the door to find Justin standing there. He looked so hot i wanted to just kiss him but i knew i couldn’t. 


“Hey” he said softly pulling me into a hug


“Hello umm come in” i said opening the door wider 


He stepped in side not saying a word. He looked up at my face and stood there puzzled. 


“Have you been crying?” he frowned 


“U-umm yes but im not the one with the problem Mia is.” i said looking sown at the floor


“What happened?” 


“I’ll tell you later i just really need you to help me calm her down please.” i begged 


“okay what do you want me to do?” he asked with a puzzled look on his face


“Sing to her.. please” 


About 20 mins later he came out of her room. 

“How is she?” i asked


“She fell asleep.” he said quietly


“Okay good” i said looking down at the floor


“Can you please tell me what happened?” 


“Come” i said taking his hand and pulling him into my room

He sat down on my bed and i stood in front of him. 

“Okay now tell me what happened?” he said squeezing my hand


“Mia got raped...and she doesn’t know who did it to her.” i whispered tears sliding down my cheeks “I feel like everything in my life is slowly falling apart i don’t know what to do Justin i really don’t.” 


    Before i knew it i was crying even more. Justin pulled me into his lap. I was now crying uncontrollably. Justin held my hand tight with one hand and with the other he was rubbing my back. I never cried in front of any one but i just couldn’t hold it in. He started to sing and before i knew it my sight went black and i was now asleep.  _____________________________________________________________

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