Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


11. Chapter 11

     We had been in the car for about half an hour now. I had just realized i still didn’t know where we were going. 


“Justin where are we going?” 


“You’ll see we are almost there” he said looking over at me and then smiling


    The rest of the way there i stayed quiet. About 10 minutes later the car came to a stop. We got out of the car and i looked around. I had no idea where were.


“U-umm Justin where are we?” 


“Close your eyes” he said almost in a whisper 


    I trusted him so i did as he said. I felt him walk up behind me and cover my eyes with his hands. We started walking and soon came to a stop. 


“open your eyes” he whispered in my ear dropping his hands


    I opened my eyes and i was now looking at a field of beautiful flowers and in the middle of the field was a blanket with a picnic basket. 


“Justin this is b-beautiful you really didn’t have to” i slowly walking over to the basket. 


“No its fine i felt bad that i couldn’t make it last night so i wanted to do something nice” he said walking over to me with a big smile on his face


“No one has ever done something like this for me” i said looking over at him 


    It was true no one had ever done anything like this for me not even Jason. In the three years Jason and i had gone out he never did anything like this. I sat down with Justin following. He reached into the basket and took out two cups and some sparkling apple juice. He filled one and then handed it to me. 


“So tell me about your self” he said looking at me with a smile on his face


“Well what do you want to know?” i said grinning back





    Justin and i had sat there and i had told him everything about me. I told him about Jason and about what happened with Mike and on the night he was murdered. I let everything out and told him everything. 


    Justin even told me about his childhood was like and how his parents had separated when he was born. He told me everything about how he became famous. He also told me about what happened with Selena. 


    I had only known Justin for about a week now and i had learned so much about him already. I had never talked about Mike to anyone. It was always hard to talk about him to anyone, but Justin made it easy to talk to him. 


“What time is it?” i asked looking over at Justin


“its about 5:30” he said looking down at his watch


    We had sat here talking to each other for about 6 hours. I never thought I could talk to someone for so long. I was never the type of person to talk about what i was feeling and i never talked about my personal life but with Justin i felt like i could let go and tell him anything. 


“Ohh its getting late i think we should start going home” i said looking over at him


“Its Saturday come on you cant stay a little longer?” he said with a frown on his face 


“Fine 1 hour more” i said getting up


“Where are you going?” he asked 


“i want to go walk around do you want to come?”


“Sure” he said popping up with a smile on his face. 


    We walked around and talked so more an hour passed by and we made it back to where the blanket and basket were. We cleaned everything up and made our way to the car. We put everything into the car and and i mad my way over to the passenger seat. Justin got in the car and turned it on. We pulled out and drove off.



    We were finally at my house. Justin got out and jogged over to the passenger side. He opened the car door and reached his had out to help me out of the car.


“I had a good time Justin” i said with a smile on my face


“I’m glad you did” 


“Well thanks” i said walking away towards the door. 


    I wanted him so kiss me so badly. I was about to turn the door knob when Justin got my attention.


“Wait wait” he yelled jogging towards me 




“I forgot something.” he said now right in front of me 


“what-” and before i could finish my sentence Justin’s lips were on mine.


    His tongue brushing over my lips wanting an entrance which i gladly excepted. He put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer. I didn’t want this to end. We both slowly started to pull away. He put his forehead to mine and opened his eyes. 


“Can i pick you up tomorrow?” i asked his breathing heavy


    Without speaking I bit my lip and nodded. He slowly pulled me into a hug then let go seconds later. 


“Alright bye” he said turning around 




“what” he turned around looking at me 


    I looked into his eyes and kissed him once more. 


“Bye” Smiling I turned around and opened the door. 


    I started walking up the stairs and to my room. I was almost at my room when i heard someone crying. I slowly walked in the direction of the noise to find Mia curled up on her bed. 


“Mia whats wrong tell me” i said rubbing her back

“ I cant” she said sobbing


“Mia please tell me whats wrong” 


“Fine but you have to promise you wont tell mom or dad”


“Okay Mia tell me” i said smoothing her hair out


“Im pregnant” 


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