Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


10. Chapter 10


Elizabeths Pov 


    I was awoken by the vibration of my phone next to me. I slowly opened my eyes blinking a couple times to adjust my vision. 


    WHY WAS I ON THE FLOOR? Why was i in a dress? I slowly got up off the floor and walked over to the bathroom taking a towel with me.


    I looked up into the mirror and noticed that there was streaks of mascara all down my face and that was when every thing came to me. Jason had come over and he wanted to talk about something and i didnt let him and i made him leave. I was also supposed to go on a date with justin but he never came i guess i wasn’t important. I was to stupid to think that some one like him wanted to hang out with me. 


    I turned the shower on and stripped my self free from the clothing i was wearing. I slowly stepped into the shower. I quickly washed my face and the rest of my body then moved on to my hair. I finished washing off and turned the water off. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my body.  


    I turned the nob to my bathroom door and walked out looking at my feet humming to a tune that i was making up. Still looking down at the ground i walked over to my dresser and too out a pair of sweat pants and white t-shirt. I was about to drop my towel when i heard someone shuffle around on my bed. I slowly looked up to find Justin sitting on my bed looking as comfortable as ever with a huge grin on his face.


“U-Umm w-what are you doing here” my cheeks getting hot as i asked.


“You weren’t answering your phone and i got worried. Your sister let me in. She’s a pretty big fan of mine she almost passed out when she opened the door and saw it was me.” he said with the biggest grin on his face


“ohh umm what do you want?” 


“like i said i wanted to see if you were okay because yesterday i didnt come by and pick you up.”


“why wouldn’t i be okay it wasn’t a date or anything.” i spat back 

 But inside i knew i was hurt and i cared because i was looking forward to going out but he stood me up. i refused to show him i was upset tho i didnt want him to see how he made me feel.


“ohh i want to make it up to you.. let me take you out to lunch please” 


I couldn’t say no to him as much as i wanted to say no i couldn’t his unbelievable smile didnt let me say no


“ugh fine but i have to get ready and i cant exactly do that with you in the room so can you go in the hall real quick so i can put clothes on” i said shooing him away 


    When he left i quickly put on  some underwear and a bra. I dropped my towel and walked over to my closet and picked out a light blue long sleeved crop top and a short white flowy high wasted skirt. I put them on and walked over to my door to let Justin back in the room. I opened the door to find no one standing there. I assumed he must have gone to talk to Mia or something so i walked back into my room and finished getting ready. I dried my hair and put make up on. I decided i would let my hair down. I walked back to my closet and picked up a pair of white toms and slipped them on to my feet. 


    I walked out of my room and directly down to mias room.


“Hey just-” when i looked around i found no one


    I then walked to the living room to see Mia sitting there alone. 


“Hey Mia have you seen Justin any where?” 


“No i thought he was in your room...... and how could you not tell me you knew him!” she said raising her tone 


“Mia i don’t have time for this ill talk to you later let me go look for him.” 


    I walked back up the stairs looking in every room to see if Justin had wondered off into a room. I was about to give up when i thought to look in one more room. 


    I slowly opened the door revealing Justin sitting in a chair with a guitar in his hand. He was playing it and singing a song that i had never heard. 


“I put on my rain coat my yellow rain coat baby its keeping me dry, I put on my rain coat my yellow rain coat you’ll know exactly why” 


    His voice sounded amazing i didnt want him to stop. He kept singing and then stopped as soon as he realized i was standing in the door way admiring his voice. 


“Hey” he said with a smile on his face



“This is a nice room who’s is it?”


“Umm its my brothers” 


“Where is he” Justin asked with a puzzled face


“Um he passed away about 1 year ago.” i quietly spoke looking down at the ground.


“ohh i-im so sorry” he got up and slowly walked over to me 


He then wrapped his arms around me pulling me into his chest. 


    I hadn’t come into his room since the day he passed away i was never strong enough he was like my best friend. I remembered the day we got the news. It was one of the worst days of my life


*Flash back* 


    I was sitting in my room listening to my music. I was about to step into the shower when i was interrupted by the ringing of the door bell. I quickly ran down stairs expecting to see Mike standing there. He always forgot his keys. 


    I opened the door to reveal a tall man standing there with a police uniform on. 


“Mom theres a police officer standing at the door come here.” i yelled out 


My mom was standing next to me now 


“Hello officer how can i help you” she said kindly


“Is this the residence of Michael Patron?” he asked sternly 


“Yes why whats wrong with him is he okay?” she asked panicking 


“I would like to inform you that your son Michael has been murdered down town” 


    With those words i felt like my whole world was going to fall apart. 


“NO NO THIS CANT BE NO” my mom immediately started to sob she fell to the floor crying screaming “ NO THIS IS A MISTAKE HE CANT BE DEAD NO” 


I was trying so hard to stay strong but i couldn’t my brother my best friend had just died. 


*end of flash back*


“Elizabeth are you okay?” Justin asked with concern in his voice 


“Yeah im fine are you ready to leave?” i asked putting a fake smile on my face 


I wasn’t going to start crying in front of him. I always knew how to keep my real feelings from showing. 


“Yeah.... are you sure you are okay?” 


“yeah im fine lets go” and with that i walked down stairs and out the door we went. 

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