Elizabeth had a lot of pressure in her life. Does she slowly begin to break?

Justin Bieber Fan Fiction


1. Chapter 1

   I woke up this morning with a really bad head ache. It was most likely because I spent my whole Sunday afternoon crying. I cried my self to sleep because Jason McCann the boy i had been dating for 3 years cheated on me. So I broke up with him. I walked in on him and some blonde having sex. I couldn't take a good look at her because my eyes were swelling up with tears. I didn't even want to know who she was she disgusted me. I absolutely hated her!

    I thought Jason and I were going to last a long time. I was in love with him. I was never going to find any one like him. i was never going to love anyone like i loved him.  I shook all the memories out of my head. I didn't want to relive them all so I quickly got up and took a shower. Sadly today was Monday so I had to go to school. I had to get on with my life he was clearly getting on with his so I had to show him I was strong and that I didn't care even though I know I still cared a lot.      

        I finished my shower and walked into my room with a towel tightly wrapped around me covering my long skinny body. I stopped and looked in the mirror my long light brown hair was now dark because of the water from my shower. I started  to think to my self and just thought why? Why did he do this to me what went wrong? I treated him right.... He was my everything.

     “Elizabeth are you ready?”     Mia my sister had peeked her head in my room having to ask me again yelling at me this time so I could actually see that she was there and asking me something.  


    “ohh no ... ill be down stairs soon okay just leave me alone to get ready. Okay Mia?”

    “ Okay hurry up I don't want to be late to school.” She said as she closed my door.

       I quickly put some shorts on and a Victorias Secret sweat shirt on with just a bra underneath. I lived in California so it wasn't cold over here.

     I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth blow dry my hair and quickly put make up on. I ran down stairs and to find Mia and my mom sitting at the table eating breakfast.

   “you have to take Mia to school today” my mom said to me quietly. Mia was a freshman in high school and I was senior so I had to drive her whenever my mom couldn't

 “Okay mom i know, are you ready Mia?”

  “Yeah let me goo brush my teeth”

  “okay hurry up” I sat down at the table with my mom and grabbed an apple and took a bite into it as I waited for Mia to finish brushing her teeth.

   “how are you feeling Liz?”

  “ohh im fine mom”  

“I know you aren't if you want to talk about it you can talk to me whenever you want.”

  “No mom I have to go okay!” I said as I slammed the front door closed.  

    I waited for Mia in the car. I didn't want to talk about it well not to her I didn't want her to see me cry I hated crying in front of people. I didn't want people thinking I was weak. I was strong usually in front of almost every one except my best friend Alison and Mia I trusted both of them.

           Mia opened to car door interrupting my thoughts.

  “ohh hey Mia”

   “Hey Liz what happened down stairs?”

  "ohh mom just wanted to talk about what was happening I got mad so I stormed out.”



       The rest of the way to school Mia didn't talk to me. There had to be something wrong with her she wasn't being her normal self she looked depressed.

  “whats wrong Mia?”

  “ohh nothing”

  “Mia you know you can tell me anything if some one is bothering you or anything.”

  “ yeah i know but im okay there is nothing wrong with me.”

  “are you sure?”

  “yeah im positive” she said putting a smile on her face.  

   i knew the smile she put on was fake. She smiled so i would stop asking her questions so i did. I didn't want her getting mad at me. We both got out of the car and headed to the main doors of the school. Ohh how I couldn't wait to see what this wonderful Monday had in store for me Elizabeth Patron at East Wood High School. -.-

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