Love Equals Eternity! (1D Love Story) Sequel to LOJ. Book 3.

Please read, "Nice to Meet You Again," and "Love Over Jealousy," before reading this, as this is the third book in the on-going series.
"But I can't do long-distance relationships. Kelly, we're over." Harry texted Kelly. He had sent the message just right after Kelly walked through the one-way security door. She was shocked, depressed, furious, every feeling that ever existed mixed together. She stood there like an idiot, waiting for her man to come back. She waited, and waited for him to run back and say, "It was just a joke!" Guess what? He never did. He never would. He was gone forever.
People move on. Things happen. Relationships end. That's the cycle of love.
The problem was Kelly, Harry and a few others were stuck in the cycle.


6. Phone hacker.

Harry's POV

"No way is that possible!" I scratched my ear. No one touched my phone at the airport. Who would go through such trouble to break Kelly and I up? I was sober the whole time, so there was no way I sent that text under the influence of alcohol. 

But it was there. Niall showed me the screen shots of the text messages Kelly had forwarded to him. 

"Why don't you trace the text?" Zayn suggested. It was not a bad idea.

"I'll call up Paul." I took out my phone and called him. He could turn this around. 


Paul agreed to help and said he was going to contact someone. The lads and I quickly got keys and drove down to the police station.


"Alright, so he has told me about the mysterious text message." The officer said, pointing to Paul.

"Yeah, apparently there was a message sent to my girl- ex-girlfriend, telling her that I wanted to end things." I faltered over the word girlfriend. 

"Why don't you leave your phone here. I'll call Paul when I get any information about this anonymous text." The officer waved bye and we walked away.


"It was sent from Las Vegas. Whomever sent you the text had not planned for anyone to track them down, clearly. They didn't even try to cover the hacking of the phone." Officer Mario told us over the phone.

"Could you get an address? Maybe a phone number?" I asked him. This woman or man was gonna pay.

"Yeah. Three-ninety-five Las Vegas Blvd. South. Seven-zero-four. Four-four-six. Zero-one-fifty-six." He must have read off his screen.

"Thanks." I wrote down the number on a sticky-note and hung up.


I took my phone and made sure my called ID was off so that if I happened to knew the person... they wouldn't know it was me.


"Hello?" A woman's voice answered.

"Hi. My name is Darry." Very original I thought to myself.

"Hey Darry, um, do I know you?" She asked.

"I don't believe so. What's your name?" I asked the woman nervously. What if it was some wacko fan trying to sabotage my life?

"I'm Melanie Gasparoni." She said as if she was proud of herself.

My expensive phone almost dropped out of my hand and into my full cup of orange juice.

"Melanie!" I shrieked.

"Yes... Darry, it's me." She sounded like she was talking to an insane person. She spoke each world with caution.

"It's me, Harry Styles, you dumb idiot. I know you sent the text. I'm going to K-I-L-L you Melanie Gasparoni. You broke up a relationship that meant more than my life. Watch your back." I breathed into the phone. 

I slammed the phone onto the wooden table. Not even checking if the screen cracked from the impact or not.


Author's Message:

I must ask: Did anyone see that coming?

I gave hints to some people, telling them that the texter was a re-occuring character. A lot of you guys thought he was drunk... That's a good theory, haha.

By the way... I'm about to include some photos. Tell me if you see them. :) Hope you enjoyed the chapter! Much love. xx




Thanks to Jordan who sent me an email telling me he updated my profile so pictures could be added! :) Tell me if you see the pics! xx 

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