Love Equals Eternity! (1D Love Story) Sequel to LOJ. Book 3.

Please read, "Nice to Meet You Again," and "Love Over Jealousy," before reading this, as this is the third book in the on-going series.
"But I can't do long-distance relationships. Kelly, we're over." Harry texted Kelly. He had sent the message just right after Kelly walked through the one-way security door. She was shocked, depressed, furious, every feeling that ever existed mixed together. She stood there like an idiot, waiting for her man to come back. She waited, and waited for him to run back and say, "It was just a joke!" Guess what? He never did. He never would. He was gone forever.
People move on. Things happen. Relationships end. That's the cycle of love.
The problem was Kelly, Harry and a few others were stuck in the cycle.


7. Paul's call.

Melanie's POV

The line went flat, meaning he either cut or the connection broke. In this case, my best guess would be he hung up. 

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. I thought in my head. 

I hadn't planned on anyone finding out. I thought they would just forget about it.

My head was spinning. What was I going to do? Confess? Plead insanity? 

I bet I would be sent to jail... for the second time. This time they would not let me go that easily. 

I called Paul.

"Hello?" He answered when the ringing finally stopped. 

"Hey, It's Melanie." I answered.

"Melanie who?" Wow, he had already forgotten about me.

"The one who ruined your tour....." He must have remembered me...

"Why are you calling here?" He sounded only slightly less pissed than Harry, when he called. 

"Can you please not press charges?" I had to make sure this stayed secretive.

"You want me to keep this private... after all you've done." He gave out a loud and low bellow of laughter.

I guessed it was a no.

"I'm sincerely sorry. I feel horrible for all I've done but please don't do this. I'll be sent to jail for years if this does go down." I felt like I was on knees, begging him for forgiveness, which I kinda was.

"You know what, Melanie. You should just go to hell. How could you even think about trying to apologize? It's too late." 

That comment felt like a spear to my heart. I used to adore Paul. He would always be the understanding one. 

"Does that mean you want me to be sent to jail?"

"I want there to be more of a punishment than jail." He hung up abruptly without letting me slip in a single word.


I slumped down onto the ground. If he was pressing charges... How would I pay? I'd go to jail anyways right? I pondered.

I hated this. All of this. If only I hadn't thought of that genius idea to send the text. None of this would have happened. 

Stupid, Melanie. 


Author's Message:

I'm writing this at school because I'm sick and got to sit out during gym. It's fun to spectate everyone running laps and I'm just chilling on the stage. Sorry for the short chapter. I haven't got the most time to write. More will be coming. :)

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