Love Equals Eternity! (1D Love Story) Sequel to LOJ. Book 3.

Please read, "Nice to Meet You Again," and "Love Over Jealousy," before reading this, as this is the third book in the on-going series.
"But I can't do long-distance relationships. Kelly, we're over." Harry texted Kelly. He had sent the message just right after Kelly walked through the one-way security door. She was shocked, depressed, furious, every feeling that ever existed mixed together. She stood there like an idiot, waiting for her man to come back. She waited, and waited for him to run back and say, "It was just a joke!" Guess what? He never did. He never would. He was gone forever.
People move on. Things happen. Relationships end. That's the cycle of love.
The problem was Kelly, Harry and a few others were stuck in the cycle.


4. Confusion.

Harry's POV

My jaws dropped. Did Niall seriously just try to blame his attack on me? So unfair. Of course Liam would believe 'Innocent Niall.'

"You know what Niall, you're not the nice little irish kid that everyone is such a fan of. You're a lying son of a bitch!" My temper flew over the top. I couldn't take it any longer. 

Niall just took a step back and surrendered his hands. "Are you okay?" He asked, faking his sincerity.

"You called me into your room and as I walked out, you jumped on me. Are you seriously asking me that?" I threw my hands in the air in irritation.

"Enough!" Liam dragged the both of us out into the living area.

"Tell me the full story. We've got all day. Paul has cancelled our tour for all of this week. There's an issue with the lack of security at the arena." He sat down on the far left of the big couch.

Zayn and Louis came into the room looking as confused as ever. It was four in the afternoon and they had taken a nap. 

"What's with all the screaming? I heard Harry's voice even from my room." Zayn looked at me curiously.

"Ugh! Why is everyone on Niall's side?" I turned around to storm away but was caught.

"Come on Haz, let's go." Louis led me down the hall and into the bathroom.

"What happened?" He asked carefully, trying to tame the anger that had been building up inside of me.

"Why the bathroom?" I asked, noticing how he was siting on the toilet cover and I was sitting on the rim of the bathtub. 

"Answer me first."

"Fine." I gave in.

"So I was in my room listening to music, and then Niall called me to his room." I told him the rest of the story but he looked even more confused then how he was when we entered the washroom.

"So you're saying that Niall accused you of hurting Kelly and then attacked you?" He tried to clarify for himself. 

"Yes. Finally, you understand." I took a deep breath.

We walked out into the room and continued the discussion.

Louis told everyone what he understood and finally everyone agreed.

Niall called me to his room.

Niall attacked me.

Niall blamed it on me.

Therefore it was Niall's fault.

There was just one little thing that made no sense to me.

"Why did you accuse me of hurting Kelly?" I asked towards Niall.

He had apologized for blaming me but still held a grudge for me "hurting" Kelly.

"You broke up with her." He said slowly. I could tell he was unsure of himself.

"I didn't break up with her...." I looked Niall straight in the eye.

"She told me herself." He defended his idea.

"Let me call my girlfriend." I picked up my phone and called Kelly. I had her on speed-dial.

"Hello? Who is this? Your number is blocked." It was Kelly's voice, and I was relieved to hear her voice after the whole messed up day.

"It's Harry. How is Toronto? Miss me?" I laughed into the phone.

The lads gave me big smiles but Niall had no look. Just a dull face.

Ha! He was being proven wrong.

"Harry? Eff you! Why would you call me? You certainly didn't have the courage to yesterday."

She hung up just like that.

I was left confused, worried and nauseous.

Am I single? Or taken?

Are Kelly and I broken up? 

I felt like I had amnesia. When did I break up with her?

Yesterday? Certainly not.

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Happy April Fools Day and Late Easter :) xx

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