One Direction imagines

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5. Vera's imagine

=Vera's POV=
Niall invited me over ha said it was a special surprise. Knowing Niall it might have something to do with food! When I reached the 1D home Niall opened door and let me. "Hello my princess! "Hello Nialler!" He gave me a kiss and covered my eyes "where are we going?" I said in laughter. He whispered in my ear,"surprise" I saw a beautiful candle light dinner and first time ever, we are eating something that isn't Nando's. "thank you Niall! " "guess what?" "What!?" "I didn't eat a thing I saved my appetite for this." "That must have been hard for you! Thank you again" "anything for you Vera!" After we ate which didn't take long with Niall (of course). He sat me in his lap as we watched Titanic. "Aww are you crying Niall?" "You are to!" "I love you Niall" "I love you to" he kissed my forehead. " Maybe one day, we will get married" "and have kids" "and live on our own" "and be together forever" he drive me home and sang to me "goodnight Nialler" "good night" he then left
A/N : sorry Vera if this is short! I've got this school play going on and everything, I'm busy sorry! <3
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