One Direction imagines

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2.pick a guy
3. chose what happens


3. Stella's imagine

Me and my best friend Michaela were going to Nando's because she thinks we're going to meet a band called 'one direction' I'm not a big fan- actually, I'm not a fan at all! " Stella, imagine if we see Harry here! Or Niall which we have a bigger chance of!!" "Harry's the one with the dark hair right?" "No! That's Zayn!" "Same thing" "nope" when we walked in the place was kinda crowded we waited in line which took forever. What's talking do long?! "Ughh what's that guy doing?!" I walked up to the guy in the front "Hey! You know there should give 5minutes to order because this line is getting mad and large! Oh and, what makes you better than is?" He just looked at me and continued to order "jerk" I said and walked away. Half an hour later we were finally able to order then we went to a table. Me and Michaela love to pick out the cute guys. "Hey that guys cute" "omg omg omg!" "What?" "That guy is Niall Horan!!" "Oh, ok" "ok?!! I dare you to kiss him!" "WHAT? NO!!" "I dared you, now go!" She pushed me out of my chair and went to said 'Niall' ." Hi" "hello? Aren't you the girl who called me a jerk?" "Sorry?" "It's ok" I knew I had to so it one way or another so, I leaned in gave him a kiss it took longer than I thought before I let go "if that's your way of saying sorry, then I like it" I blushed and sat down with him I heated Michaela start going 'AWWWWW!!' He moved his seat closer to me "I guess you really wanted to me because I'm from one direction" "actually I was dared to kiss you" " oh you didn't like it" "um.... I did"

I looked at her she was beautiful! And how could she not like one direction!? "Um so what's your name?" "Stella" "nice well I have to go." "Bye" "bye" I hugged her and slipped my number into her pocket.

He gave me hi
s number and I put into my phone and went back to Michaela "so?" "I'm in love with Niall Horan"
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