One Direction imagines

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2.pick a guy
3. chose what happens


4. Shelby's imagine

=Louis's POV=
I was taking Eleanor to the beach I got everything set. "Aww Louis this is beautiful" "it's all for you love" "ok, we'll ill be back I'm going to pee" I laughed "hurry back" "I'm gonna take my time" "ok love"
=Shelby's POV :)=
It was just an ordinary day at the beach, until ally decided to play dodge ball with a huge ball. "Shelby hit it!" "Ok! Ok! I know how to play dodge- " turns out u forget to dodge and I started to fall back until I finally fell into someone's lap. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" "It's ok, not every one us good at dodge ball" "rude" I got up but he pulled me back "I'm Louis" " Shelby" "nice to meet you" "nice to meet you to" I looked into his sparkling eyes and wrapped my hands around his neck and we kissed. "What's going on here?!" a girl yelled "Eleanor this is Shelby, Shelby this is Eleanor- my girlfriend" "sorry! This is all my fault I hope I didnt cause any trouble!" "Um, you kinda were kissing my boy friend!" "Eleanor love please calm down" "ok ill calm down, we're done" "Eleanor wait!" She walked away. "Once again so sorry " "it's ok"
=Louis's POV=

I can't believe it... I think I'm in love with her. In love with Shelby. "Shelby wait" "what" "want to go out some time?" "You just broke up with your girlfriend!" "I know I know but I really like that kiss" "really" "yeah watch" he held me by my hips and kissed me again "Louis I can't just date you because you liked my kiss give it time " "here's my number" "thanks" "welcome"
=Shelby's POV=
I can't believe him he breaks up with his girl ferns 2 seconds later he asked me out? I went home to find he was there already "what do you want?" "I want you" "Louis -" I looked into his eyes what was happening?! I wrapped my hands around him and kissed him. I guess I do love him, except I was hiding it. "We'll?"
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