One Direction imagines

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2. Karla's imagine

I didn't want to tell Liam that I was pregnant. Maybe if I don't he will notice. Unless I tell him I'm getting fat! That will never work . I then see Liam walking to the kitchen he talked to the lads and then started walking into the living room where I was.
I asked the lads where Karla was. They said in the living room when I started to walk in to the living room I saw Karla's face as if she is really nervous. "Are you ok love?" "I have something to tell you"
" What?" "I'm... Hungry! Really hungry! Can you please go make me something to eat?" "Ok love" what? I panicked! It's not that easy to tell a guy your pregnant. Liam is sweet and kind...and hot, I'm sure he'll understand. Unless... There is a side that I don't know about him! Ok, now I'm talking crazy , Liam is an open book! "Karla are you ok?" "No Louis I'm not..." "NIALL KARLA IS NOT OK !" He yelled so loud for Niall, thank you Louis for breaking my ear drum. "What's wrong Karla?" "It's nothing really,-" "Zayn, Karla won't tell me what's wrong!" Zayn came in "what's up?" "Nothing!" "Harry, Karla's yelling!" "Oh so it's ok if you guys yell but not me?" "Yes" said the guys "Karla just tell us what's wrong!" "You're annoying me!" "Lads, are you ready to force it out?" "Yep!" They all started tickling me, but I didn't tell. Soon, Liam walked in and told the boys to go "Karla, you can tell me anything!" "" "I know hungry" "no! I'm pregnant!" I saw his face grow a large smile "you are!?" "Yes!" He hugged me then twirled me around the room. "Now I really am daddy direction!" I laughed as he started to jump up and Down like a little girl "oh I need to tell you something!" "What Liam" "well I wanted to tell you before but I got nervous" "what?" "Will... You marry me?" "Yes" I said in a quiet voice "what?" "Yes!" Karla Payne. Has a nice ring to it. "I love you" "no I love you more"
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