Sad Beautiful Tragic

Rachel is moving in with her best friend Harry in London. The other boys are going to be living there too. She likes Harry and Liam and she doesn't know what to do. Liam starts dating Danielle and let's just say, Rachel and Danielle have a ..... colorful history. Alot of drama breaks out between everyone and nobody knows what to do. Who will Liam choose? Read to find out.


1. 1



  "Mom I have to go."I said while both laughing and crying. Everyone in my family was emotional today, and my mom was the worst. "I know. I'm going to miss you."She said crying hysterically. "Take care of Jake."I said. And I left. I got into Harry's car and he drove off. "Are you excited?"He asked me. "Yeah!"I said. I turned up the radio. "Dis my jam!"I yelled and started yelling the lyrics. "I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out. And scream, and shout, and let it out. We sayin' oh we oh we oh we oh."I sang. Harry laughed. "Are we there yet?"I complained. "We just left."He laughed. "Ughh."I groaned and I started singing again.





  "Just shut up already. We're here."Harry said. "Finally! We were in there for like 5 hours."I said getting out of the car. "We were in the car for ten minutes."He said. "Well it seemed like forever."I said. He laughed. "You no laugh at dis!"I said. We both laughed. I'm picking my room first!"I yelled. "It's a good thing the lads aren't here cuz you probably would have the worst room in the house."He said. I ignored him and ran into the house. "I CALL THIS ROOM!"I yelled picking the biggest one. It had bright purple walls and light hardwood flooring. There was a large queen sized bed in the middle of the back wall. I walked over to the closet and opened it. My mouth dropped open. It was HUGE! I walked in. I got to the end. There was another door. I opened it. There was an even bigger room. "Woah."I said to myself. I walked back out. I walked in to my bathroom. It was even bigger than the second room in the closet. There was a shower, a tub, a jacuzzi, and a toilet. The sink was big. The wall had a big mirror above the sink. I walked back out and went to find Harry. It took like 20 minutes. I found him in the kitchen. "Finally I found you."I said. He chuckled. "Why are you out of breath?"He asked. I ran around this whole house trying to find you."I said. Right then the front door opened and I heard the boys walk in. There were two girls with them. I could tell. "Oh yeah Danielle and Eleanor are gonna live here too." Harry said. "Wait did you say Danielle?"I said all panicy. "Yeah. Peazer."My life is ruined. "I walked out to go see the boys. "Rachel!"The boys all said running over to me and pulling me into a group hug. "Rachel?"Danielle said. I shot her a dirty look. Liam walked over to Danielle. "This is my girlfriend Danielle."Liam said. "Yeah. I know."I said. "Oh."He said. "And this is my girlfriend Eleanor."Louis said hugging her. I smiled. "Hi."I said to her. "Hi nice to meet you."She said smiling. "You too."I said. Harry walked in. "We should probably unpack."Harry said. We all went to our rooms. I started putting my stuff away when I heard a knock at the door. Niall walked in. "He-""he started. "Your room is HUGE compared to mine."He said. "Well I picked first."I said. "Well, I need help."He said. I sighed and followed him. We got to his room. "Hah this is so small."I said. He laughed. "Whaddaya need help with?"I asked. "EVERYTHING!"He said. We finished a few hours later. Liam came in. "We,re all going to watch a movie if you want to come down."He said. "Alright. I,ll be down in a minute."I said leaving Niall's room. I got changed. I put on yoga pants and a t-shirt. I grabbed slippers and went downstairs. I walked into the living room and everyone was sitting down. "Someone can sit here."Liam said patting the seat next to him. I walked over and when I was about to sit down Danielle pushed me and sat there. I walked over and plop ped down on the couch next to Harry. "We're watching Paranormal Activity."Louis said. Everyone cheered. He put on the movie and we stopped talking. I really don't get scared of anything. Everyone else was scared. I could tell. I layed down and put my head on Harry's lap. He looked at me. I waved. He started playing with my hair. The movie ended about an hour later. "Let's go night swimming!"I yelled. We all agreed. I ran to my room to get changed. I locked the door. I got out my navy and pink striped bikini. I got changed and grabbed a towel.There was a knock on the door. I opened it. "Hey Haz!"I said. "Hey!"He said walking in. "Ok come in?"I said. I laughed. "What's up?"I asked. "Nothing I just wanted to wait for you."He said. I smiled. "dp you still have the water guns?"I said. "Yeah."He said. My face lit up. We looked at each other for a minute and then we ran out. I got into his room first. "Where?"I asked. "Under the bed."He said. I got out two big ones. I handed him one of them. "what's our plan?"I asked."Okay so we sneak out the front door and we go into the back yard. Then none of them are in the pool yet so we shoot."He said. "Got it.'' I said and we did our handshake. "Move out."He said and we ran. I started to sneak around the left side of the house.Someone cleared their throat behind me. I turned around. "Oh...Hi Lou!"I said. "Do ya think your gonna get away with it?"He asked. "Yea-"I squirt him with the water gun and walked over to him. "Don't you EVER doubt me."I sassed. I ran away. I hid behind a bush and spyed on them. I saw Harry behind a tree. He gave me a signal. I put my thumbs up, and, "ATTACK!"I yelled. Everyone looked at me. We squirt them. "I'm all out."Harry said. I squirt him. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON MY TEAM!"He yelled. "Think again."I said. "LOLOLOLOLOLO!"I yelled jumping in the pool. I splashed everyone. "HA!"I laughed. "The neighbors are gonna call the cops."Liam said.  "Yeah ok."I said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. He gave me a look. Oh okay. "I'm going inside."I said. "Yeah me too."harry said. I got out of the pool and he followed me. I went to my room and he followed me. "You saw that too, right?"I asked. "Yeah, if you ask me, he's been acting a little like Danielle lately."He said. "A little."I said. "Okay, alot."He said. "Yeah."I said. I hugged him. "I think I'm gonna go to bed."I said. "Okay, goodnight."He said. "Night."I smiled. I went into my room. Why does Liam hate me? I thought. Just then he walked in the door. He slowly closed it behind him. I turned so he couldn't see my face. He sat on the bed next to me. "Rach, I'm sorry."He said. I didn't answer. He left. I went up and locked the door. I changed into my pajamas amd layed in my bed. Ugh I hate my life. I fell asleep a few minutes after.




        I woke up several times last night. I'm really tired. I slowly got out from under the blanket and walked to the bathroom. I lookede in the mirror. I look horrible. I got in the shower. I got out twenty minutes later. I dried my self off and got dressed. I put my hair in a messy bun and got out of the bathroom. I went downstairs. eleanor and Danielle were the only ones there. "Hwere are the boys?"I asked Eleanor. "They had to go to the studio early."she said. "Oh okay."I said. I started to walk up to my room. Someone is following me. I turned around. "So you trying to steal my boyfriend, eh?"Danielle said. "No he's just my friend. I don't like him as anything more."I said even though I wasn't sure. "Yeah I believe you."She said. I started to walk away. "Ow!"I yelled. Eleanor came in and puched Danielle in the face. She fell to the ground. The boys walked in. "Danielle are you okay?!"Liam asked running over to her. "She punched me in the face."Danielle said. "What? No I didn't "I said. "I don't believe you."Liam said. I ran up to my room. harry followed me. I lay on my bed and cried. "It's okay."He said rubbing my back. I hugged him. "Why doesn't he believe me?"I asked. "I really don't know but, everyone else does."He said. "Really?"I asked. "Yeah. But El did it. I know."He said. "She did a good job."I said. "Yeah Danielle's face is RED!"He said. "I know. He started leaning in. I did too. Suddenly our lips touched. There were sparks. We pulled away. "Let's go downstairs."He said. I jumped on his back and we went downstairs. Everyone was in the living room except for Liam and Danielle. Thank god.

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