Secret(The Life and Death of Louis Tomlinson)

Eleanor is just a normal girl enjoying all the time she can get with her boyfriend the famous Louis Tomlinson. Everything is good and well until the band Louis is in has to go on tour in America. She thinks of back when they first met and when they had their first date and so on. until the day her. whole life comes crashing down around her. will he haunt her after he dies? is it going to help or hurt her? is he trying to get her to she join him? or protect her but from the wrong people? will she be able to move on? or will she need to be with him so badly she'd take her own life? will he let her tell their closest friends what's ben happening when know one is looking? or will he make her keep it a...........secret?


2. the hospital

          Louis' POV(still in flashback)

    earlier today when we were arriving for a photo shoot there was a beautiful girl outside waiting for us. I was love struck. she was the most beautiful thing I have ever saw. she was walking towards us and than she stopped and turned to the left. "what's she looking at mate?" I asked Harry. I was getting nervous. than I heard a man scream something at her but it was muffled. she screamed back and all I heard was ".......PERVERT!......" " oh mah gawd guys! I got to help her!" I yelled. I ran through the bus and down the steps and stopped at the end. the man was advancing on her. I froze. I don't know why but I couldn't move. the boys come running down the steps and froze behind me. I heard her scream "LEAVE ME ALONE YOU PERRVERT! I DON'T KNOW YOU! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I unfroze because he had her up against a wall now trying to touch her but she kept squirming out of his reach but than he had her pinned. THAT'S IT!I HAV TO HELP HER!. I start to run and scream "LEAVE HER ALONE PERVERT!" I hear the boys running after me screaming for me to stop. the last thing the beautiful stranger girl says is "LOUIS, HELP ME!!!!!!" before the man grabs her head and bangs it against the wall. I pounce on him and start to punch him everywhere my hand meets. I'm blinded by anger. 'why would he hurt her?!she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I'll kill him!' I think. I punch him one last time before the boys meet up behind me. the man is out cold. "CALL THE COPS!" I scream and jump off the a**hole that hurt this girl. I kick him one last time and go to the girl. her head is bleeding and I start to cry. she's unconscious. I hold her in my arms and start to cry. I haven't cried like this before. "call an ambulance Niall. quick" Liam says. Niall whips out his phone and dials a number. "ello? is this the docta?"he asks someone on the phone. he walks away talking to someone. than I hear the sirens. "we better go tell Kristen cause I think this is one of her models" Zayn says. "ok, Lou?" Liam asks. I look up and Liam sees my face and shuts up. "uhh Harry?" Liam asks looking at Harry. "yeah?" Harry replies." could you go inside and ask Kristen to come out here to identify this girl". that's enough I think, this girl isn't some garbage "LIAM SHE ISN'T GARBAGE!SHE'S A HUMAN!SHE'S NOT DEAD SO SHE DOESN'T NEED IDENTIFIED!!WE JUST NEED TO KNOW HER NAME!"i scream at Liam. "woah mate settle down" Liam says back holding his hands up in surrender. "i'm sorry Liam it's just, I want her to wake up." I say looking down blushing. "oooooh Louis has a crush!" Harry chants. "shut up and get Kristen" I growl. Harry calls Kristen and she comes rushing out. by the time she gets to  us the ambulance had the girl loaded up and ready to leave. "OH MY GOD!ELEANOR!" she screams. 'Eleanor?' "Eleanor?what a beautiful name."i whisper to Haz. "we need to leave. two of you can go with her for company the others have to meet us at the hospital." the paramedic told us. 'well naturally i'm going " says Kristen. " Kristen can I go with you?" I ask. she looks at me and sees me looking at Eleanor. she nods and smiles at me like she knows something.

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