Secret(The Life and Death of Louis Tomlinson)

Eleanor is just a normal girl enjoying all the time she can get with her boyfriend the famous Louis Tomlinson. Everything is good and well until the band Louis is in has to go on tour in America. She thinks of back when they first met and when they had their first date and so on. until the day her. whole life comes crashing down around her. will he haunt her after he dies? is it going to help or hurt her? is he trying to get her to she join him? or protect her but from the wrong people? will she be able to move on? or will she need to be with him so badly she'd take her own life? will he let her tell their closest friends what's ben happening when know one is looking? or will he make her keep it a...........secret?


1. The Beginning

     A/N this book takes place years after One Direction gets together. The band has been together for 5 years and Louis and Eleanor for 4 years. SORRY IF I CONFUSE YOU!!!!!!


      Eleanor's POV

  "Louis?" I asked. "Yes babe" he replied with a raspy voice from just waking up. "Do you remember when we first met?" I asked Louis propping myself up on my elbow. "Yeah El I do remember" he says chuckling. I laughed and smiled at him. thinking about that first day 4 years ago.



       (Still Eleanor's POV)

  I was modeling one day and my boss told me I could leave earlier because she was leaving early to take some pictures of a new boy band named One Direction. "alright thanks!" I said to my boss (who is also the photographer). "your welcome sweetie have fun and be safe" she replied to me. "Kristen?"(A/N not actual photograph's name, i just made a name up :D)I asked. "yes sweetie pie?" she replied turning to face me. "are the boys coming here?" I asked. "yeah El they are. would you like to meet them?" she asked. "YES!!!!" I screamed jumping up an down. "woah easy tiger." she replied and smiled. "if you would like to meet them go around back and wait there to escort them in so they can find the studio, OK?" she told me. "ALRIGHT!" I yelled running out. I stopped dead in my track and ran back to a smirking Kristen. "Kristen?" I asked huffing from the crazy running down and back in the hall. "Yeah El" she replied." when are the boys. going. to. arrive? " I asked out of breath. "oh about 20 minutes" she said looking at her watch." OK I'll go wait outside for them. it's a nice day outside anyway." I told her turning around and walking towards the back doors. I sat down on the bench they have out their and waited for my idles.


        **20 minutes later**

  well its been 20 minutes and their till not here. 'where could they be?' I thought to myself. 'this is going to be a long day'

     **10 minutes later**

  OMG!!!!!THEIR HERE!!! I get up to go meet them and I look down the alley next to the building and see a guy staring at me. he shuts "ELLO BEAUTIFUL! WOULD YOU LET ME HAVE SOME FUN WITH YOU?!"he yelled getting closer. "back away you pervert!" I scream in his face. he tries to grab me and I move away. 'don't let him get to the boys' I said over and over I my head backing up away from the man. he reached over and grabbed my bum. I yelped. just than I realized the boys were starring at me." LEAVE ME ALONE YOU PERVERT!!!I DON'T KNOW YOU!LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!" 'LEAVE HER ALONE PERVERT!"I hear a voice call. I look over and one of the boys unfroze .the rest of the boys unfreeze and scream "LOUIS! WAIT UP!BE CAREFUL!" they run after him. I look over and a beautiful boy is running towards me fists in the air, red faced from anger." keep you hands off her!" I know his name is Louis. so I scream for him to help because the man has me pushed up against the wall. "LOUIS HELP ME!!!!!!!"I scream before everything blacks out.

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