Secret(The Life and Death of Louis Tomlinson)

Eleanor is just a normal girl enjoying all the time she can get with her boyfriend the famous Louis Tomlinson. Everything is good and well until the band Louis is in has to go on tour in America. She thinks of back when they first met and when they had their first date and so on. until the day her. whole life comes crashing down around her. will he haunt her after he dies? is it going to help or hurt her? is he trying to get her to she join him? or protect her but from the wrong people? will she be able to move on? or will she need to be with him so badly she'd take her own life? will he let her tell their closest friends what's ben happening when know one is looking? or will he make her keep it a...........secret?


6. scare

       louis' POV

   I wake up to el being wheeled out in a hurry I scream for her and cry into harry's chest. I don't want her to die

*****1 hour later*****

  they wheel her in and shes awake I go to her because the doctor lets me but I have to wear an IV for a little while longer. she cries and I cuddle with her I kiss her and BAM fireworks.i ask her to be my girlfriend and she says yes. the boys cheer and group hug her minus Niall because he isn't able to move because he was shot in the leg. I was shot im the chest pretty close to my heart. but I can move if the doctor said no I would have gotten up anyway. harry tells me that he almost vomited when he saw where I got shot and that he thought I was dead. by now Eleanor is asleep in my arms and harry is crying into my free shoulder. I get him calmed down and he holds my free hand. he lays his head on the bed and falls asleep. no we aren't gay! no one knows but the lads that harry and I are first cousins and we were so close we were like brothers. we joke about the whole 'Larry Stylinson' thing. its quite funny though. the doctor says we are allowed to leave tomorrow. but Eleanor and Niall have to use wheel chairs. the bullet whent straight through me but they had to get theirs surgically removed. I drifted to sleep holding El on one ide and harry on the other.

      Eleanor's POV

   we are allowed to leave but Louis has to help me change and everything. I cant move because of the meds im getting. it hurts so bad. I have to use a wheelchair but im fine. the boys as in Harry Liam and Zayn go to my house as we get ready and grab all of my clothes and stuff because im gonna be living with them from now on.when I heal we will grab everything else and move it into their house. finally my life has someone(s) that make it worth while. I love Louis and its only been a day and a half since we have been together(dating). this is gonna be good!


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