Secret(The Life and Death of Louis Tomlinson)

Eleanor is just a normal girl enjoying all the time she can get with her boyfriend the famous Louis Tomlinson. Everything is good and well until the band Louis is in has to go on tour in America. She thinks of back when they first met and when they had their first date and so on. until the day her. whole life comes crashing down around her. will he haunt her after he dies? is it going to help or hurt her? is he trying to get her to she join him? or protect her but from the wrong people? will she be able to move on? or will she need to be with him so badly she'd take her own life? will he let her tell their closest friends what's ben happening when know one is looking? or will he make her keep it a...........secret?


3. horror in the hospital

             Louis' POV

    the boys left after quite a bit of bickering with me. they needed to get out of there cause I saw the stares Harry and Zayn were giving Eleanor even though she was out cold still. the doctor told me about an hour after we got here that her head hitting the brick wall so hard made her body go into a coma. I was mad and hopped that the cops put that man in jail for the rest eternity. I hated his guts, I wanted him dead. harsh I know but I am starting to fall Eleanor. usually I'm not violent like that, punching him was the first time I've ever punched anyone. when I punched him I didn't hear the snap of my wrist. neither did the boys. I didn't feel it till we got here and Kristen grabbed my hand. she saw how I was staring at Eleanor and when she grabbed my head I screamed which made everyone jump including me. I looked down and my wrist was oddly shaped. the doctor ran to me and grabbed my wrist examining it." Louis?" he asked me. "what ?" I reply bitterly. "How did you break your wrist like this? and why didn't you tell me you broke it?" the doctor replied and all the boys gasped and looked at me. alright Louis you got to tell them. "I broke I when I was punching the guy who almost r-raped Eleanor." I stated and looked at Eleanor wishing she would wake up. I remember her screaming my name. was she a fan or something? no she can't be cause the boys yelled my name at me before she screamed for me to help. well I kinda hope she's a fan so I don't have to explain everyone to her since she knows my name. "Louis? mate snap out of it!" Niall says snapping his fingers in front of my face. "wait what?" I ask out of it from my daymare(nightmare during the day). "why didn't you tell us about your wrist?" Harry asked looking worried. "heck Haz I didn't even know it was broken! haha I didn't feel it. I heard it but I was hoping that it was the perves face breaking. I didn't feel it until.....NOW! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed starting to cry and hop up and down holding my wrist to my chest. tears were falling from my eyes like waterfalls the guys just came to me and tried to calm me down so the doctor could fix it. "ok Louis lets go set it and I'll plaster it up." he told me. I walked behind him and Haz went with me, to hold my good hand I guessed.



         Harry's POV

   we got to a different room in the hospital. it happened to right next to Eleanor's. " ok Louis I need to give you an X-ray." the doctor told Lou. I went with him and he got the X-ray and we headed back to same room we were just in. the doctor came back and I was comforting Louis cause he's never broken anything before and I knew that. I just let him cry from the pain into my chest. we were like brothers me his little brother and him my big brother since I had no brothers. he was also my best friend. we were always together causing trouble. and pranking the other boys and we were both passionate when it came to singing. all five of us were but me and Lou show it in weird ways sometimes. the boys think its hilarious. "ok Louis I got your X-rays and I have to re--break your wrist because it set wrong from you not noticing it." the doctor told him. Louis whimpered and I just hugged him. 'this is gonna suck to watch' I think.'i can't bare to see him in pain and this is going to be really painful.' I think to myself." here we go" says the doctor and grabs Louis broken wrist.


       Niall's POV

   Harry texts me saying their in the next room and not to come over cause they have to re-break Louis' wrist. I start to tear up thinking of the pain it will cause him. I tell the mates and Kristen what will happen and they all start to cry imagining the pain it will cause Louis. I hear someone say "OK Louis 1 2 3!" and the worst of all you hear in the suddenly quiet hospital is Louis' stomach churning scream. " Louis!!" I scream instantly drop to floor holding my eyes bawling rolling up in a ball. I hate pain. especially among the other boys. Louis kept screaming and you could than hear his wails through the walls. everyone sees me on the ground rolled in a ball holding my ears bawling my eyes out and they instantly come to my side and start to try and untangle me from the ball and from the death grip I'm using to cover my ears because it's just to much. Louis is my brother and it kills me to see him in pain or him screaming and crying in pain. I hear him scream again and than everything goes black.

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