Secret(The Life and Death of Louis Tomlinson)

Eleanor is just a normal girl enjoying all the time she can get with her boyfriend the famous Louis Tomlinson. Everything is good and well until the band Louis is in has to go on tour in America. She thinks of back when they first met and when they had their first date and so on. until the day her. whole life comes crashing down around her. will he haunt her after he dies? is it going to help or hurt her? is he trying to get her to she join him? or protect her but from the wrong people? will she be able to move on? or will she need to be with him so badly she'd take her own life? will he let her tell their closest friends what's ben happening when know one is looking? or will he make her keep it a...........secret?


5. cops,back in the hospital, and confessions

         Eleanor's POV

    the nurse brought me into another room to stich my arm after cutting it with the IV. I have no idea how but the IVs cut my arm. I mean how does that happen?! the nurse starts talking to me while she cleans my cut. "so Eleanor do you like Mr.Louis Tomlinson?" she asks. "Yeah I do.Why do you care?" I ask. "Oh you don't know? I was Louis girlfriend all through high school. he broke up with me after graduation. he doesn't remember me. " she says applying pressure to my arm. "OUCH! that hurts!" I yell. she smiles and grips my arm harder. "if I can't have my precious Louis back, i'll just have to take something precious from. him."she says and smirks. she reaches in her pocket and pulls out something shiny. I scream for Louis. I hear him scream my name and right as he's getting to the door to help me I hear it. and everything goes black.


          Louis' POV

    i'm telling the boys about how I am getting feelings for Eleanor. when I hear her scream "OUCH! that hurts!" the boys and I look at each other and we nod and start walking down the hall trying to be quiet about it. we are just turning down the hall wheni hear it. "LOUIS!!!!!!!HELP ME!!!!!!!!!" I sprint as fast as I can towards the room and scream "ELEANOR!!!IM COMING!!!" that's when I hear the thing that almost kills me. I hear the shot of a gun.

        Harry's POV(new POV!!:))

    after the gun was shot the four of us met up with Louis who ran through a door and started screaming. we get in and see something that makes me almost vomit. Eleanor is laying on the ground with a gun shot through her chest. and Louis is being help at gun point. right towards the head. I turn around and run for help. I find some doctors and our security guards and run back. I hear a second gun shot. and than a third. I hear fighting. my help and I make it there and see Liam holding the gun pointed at the nurse and Louis and Niall on the ground in pools of blood like Eleanor. the doctors rush to help the three and the security guards grab the nurse and the gun from Liam. by then im on my knees bawling my eyes out. when they carry Louis out I see were he was shot. and I vomit all over the place.

        Liam's POV

    its been three days since El, Louis, and Niall have been shot. Zayn, Harry and I have gotten no sleep of anything to eat. Zayn and I witnessed two of our best mates get shot and we saw the aftermath of -Louis would have been girlfriend- Eleanor after she was shot. the nurse is in jail for life and possibly getting killed for this. just than someone walking in pulls me from my daze. "anyone here for Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan?" zayn harry and I jump up and follow her. we get to a room with three beds two with boys and one with a girl. Harry breaks down and goes and holds Louis' hand and Zayn and I go to Niall. what else would we do? we barely know Eleanor. but her heart monitor starts to rapidy beat right when we see Niall and Louis wake up. I run for a nurse and Eleanor gets wheeled out. Louis starts to scream for El and cry into Harry's shoulder. 'man' I thought ' Louis is in really is in love'

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