Once In a Life Time

Madi, a american girl who moves to Ireland to go to Trinidy college to study music. There she meets her idol, Niall Horan. Will things work out when her old boyfriend comes back for her?


2. Moving In

 I got to my flat as soon as I got driven from the airport. I set my bags down and looked around the place. I got a good place, I thought. That's when I heard a big party going on above me. It's my first night and I already have to go up and tell quiet?! I walked out of my room door, and locked it behind me. I went up and when I knocked, a drunk, green eyed , curly haired, boy my age opened the door.

"Oh hey, Come on in and party! ," He was so drunk. It was my first night but hell, I might as well live while I'm young.

" Okay!" I went in and looked around. It was mostly boys, about only 3 girls were there. They were obviously serving drinks.

" Hun? Do you want a drink?" She said, at least she wasn't as drunk as the people she was serving.

" Yeah, Okay." Only one shot. Only one shot.

Or two.

Or three.




Hey! Sorry about the short chapter! Do you guys like it?

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