Forever and Always

This is about Niall Horan and Kaitlyn Vance

Only one mature scene you perverts, I will not write any more.


6. Trouble Trouble

"NIALL, LINDSAY! What are you doing?! Of all people you chose her, she WAS my best friend. That was before I walked in and saw you." "Kaitlyn, its not what you think it is she kissed m-" Niall said before Kaitlyn cut him off. "STOP LYING. She would never do that to me, we were best friends but I just don't think I'll ever be able to look at her the same way." Kaitlyn then stormed out of the room and ran down the street until she couldn't run anymore. She just sat down and cried. Until the tears just stopped and they wouldn't come anymore. She didn't have anyone to call so she just sat there until she fell asleep.

Authors Note~
I'm sorry if you don't like this, it's my first fanfic. If it gets good reviews I might post more
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