Forever and Always

This is about Niall Horan and Kaitlyn Vance

Only one mature scene you perverts, I will not write any more.


2. The Beginning of something Great

Niall! Hi, I didn't expect you to come this early. Do you want anything. A drink, or some food. No I'm fine, thanks though. So they went through the day painting there hearts out and telling each other everything. Then Niall said. Emmalin I have to tell you about something. "Ok then, shoot." It can't be that bad. Can It. She thought "I'm really glad you picked the blue instead of the yellow. My wife, Emily, died from Cancer 2 years ago. We got married on November 28th and the day after our wedding she was diagnosed. She died in my arms, on Christmas Day. In a yellow room. Guess yellow doesn't make everything happier. Huh." "Oh my gosh Niall, I'm so sorry I should've never asked you those questions about her. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. Thank you for telling me though. That would've been horrible if I kept talking about her." "I told you because I thought you were nice and you were friendly and caring. Unlike all the other people who think that someone can just get over it in one day." Niall, I know how it feels. My parents died when I was 15 from a car crash with a drunk driver. Then my brother just ran off and left me all alone. There was no one there for me. I have been alone ever since. I thought that if I came here I could start over. Find someone that wouldn't leave me. Kaitlyn, I think I know someone who could be that person. Me.
The night after they painted, Niall asked Kaitlyn out to dinner. She said yes and from then on the two were inseparable. There date went a little like this. Niall took Kaitlyn to a lake just outside of town. They had dinner on a canoe and then Niall took Kaitlyn hand and pushed her in the water. As se was falling Kaitlyn pulled Niall in after her. Coming up gasping air, Niall grabbed her face and kissed her. They went everywhere together. One night Niall asked Kaitlyn out again. This is how it went. "Kaitlyn, you ready yet." Niall yelled "Coming!" Shouted Kaitlyn while hurrying down the stairs. "Where are we going Niall." "I can't tell you, it's a secret location no one knows about." Niall said in a James Bond voice. This caused Kaitlyn to start laughing so hard her face was turning red. "Alright, calm down now and let's go" Niall grabbed Kaitlyn's arm and pulled her out to the truck. He drove all the way to the lake. Where they had had there first kiss, that was after they fell in the water. There were lights strung in the trees and flowers everywhere in the water. "Niall, what are we doing here again? I thought we decided never to come back." "I just couldn't help myself I guess." Niall said as he got down on one knee "Kaitlyn, I just can't stop thinking about you. I've been thinking about my life and I decided I want to spend it with you, and only you. Forever and Always. So I ask you, Kaitlyn Vance, will you marry me?" "Yes, Yes Niall of course I'll marry you!" They shared a passionate kiss and fell back into the water, just like their first kiss. They then ran home and Niall and Kaitlyn ran hand in hand to their house. he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Niall started kissing her up and down giving her love bites and feeling her up and down she could feel his boner pressing up against her leg. Niall could wait no longer he slammed his dick into you not giving you any time to adjust to his size. "Ugh!" She grunted as you moaned his name. Niall's thrusts soon became sloppy as he was nearing his climax, as were you. With one last thrust you both exploded and Niall pulled out of you. "Mine." He whispered. "What?" Kaitlyn said. "Your mine."
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