Forever and Always

This is about Niall Horan and Kaitlyn Vance

Only one mature scene you perverts, I will not write any more.


1. Meeting Him

Light print-Kaitlyn
Dark Print-Niall

"No don't go, I love you." {Insert Flashback Here}
Dear new diary, well my name is Kaitlyn Vance. I'm 21 and yes I still have a diary. I ran out of space in my old one. It's sad, I know. Well back to the story. Today was the day I was moving to Lynchburg, Tennessee. 227 Magnolia Drive to be exact, and I met this man. He runs the town market. Lynchburg doesn't really have any chain stores because its so small, but its my new home. The mans name was Niall Horan, also know as Nialler, from the used to be popular One Direction. He was tall, dark, and handsome. Very handsome. I went into the market to buy some new paint for my bedroom because it was pink when I moved in, and when I say pink I mean neon bright pink. I asked Matt what color he thought I should paint the room. "I think blue, that was my wife's favorite. She also likes yellow, she thinks it makes everything happier." So I chose blue, and he offered to help me paint. So I said "Sure why not, I could always use a helping hand." But that's not the case. Matt was pretty nice looking and he was sweet from what I know, I kinda just wanted to spend more time with him.
{Niall with a Friend} Dude, guess what happened today. "What now?" "I met this girl. She came into the store today and asked me what color paint shshould paint her room." "Well, what did you say?" I told her blue because of her. Then she started asking questions about Emily. "Oh. Sorry man. Did you tell her yet." No, but I'm gonna have to eventually. I'm going to her house tomorrow to help her paint. I'll tell her then. I will.

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