Forever and Always

This is about Niall Horan and Kaitlyn Vance

Only one mature scene you perverts, I will not write any more.


5. Anniversary

{10 months and 31 days later} Niall and Kaitlyn have been married for almost a year now, in fact tomorrow is their anniversary. {Kaitlyn to Lindsay} "I can't believe its almost been a whole year. Time seems to go by so fast nowadays." "I know, but I bet tomorrow Niall's going to do something really cute for you!" "I bought him tickets for the big Stealers game. I know he's going to love them." "Yeah, he is. I'm happy for you. Really."
Dear Diary, Today is our anniversary, I wonder what Niall got me. He told me to go out for a bit while he got everything set up. So I did, but my mind keeps wondering back to him. I love him so much and I just love being with him. Fill you in later Love, Kaitlyn. So after Kaitlyn left the house Niall started to get everything ready for the dinner she was going to make her. He knew that she would love it and she wanted everything to be perfect so he invited Lindsay, because she knew Kaitlyn best. Even better than Niall did and they spent almost every day together. "Hey, come on in Lindsay. Don't stay out there in the cold. We've got to get started on the planning." Niall said. "I would love to do that but I had something else in mind." Lindsay said while pushing Niall down on the couch and straddling him. She started attacking him in kisses. He pushed her away but she just kept coming back until he just gave up. That was when Kaitlyn walked in.
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