Only Thing Is You *ON HOLD*

Aishea was a normal 16 year old girl had a loving family was single and had a perfect life. But what happens when her life take a turn for the wrost? Will Aishea come face to face with the love of her life a cheeky loving boy named Harry apart of a boyband called One Direction. She will soon learn life is not as easy as she thought.


16. Plane Ride

Niall's POV.

"Is it bad if I think I have feelings for her?" I asked Liam. When I met Aishea I knew I had feelings right away. "Well she is Harry's and you have to let them be happy together" he said patting my back. "I know I just don't want her to get hurt" I said the tears starting to form just thinking about her. "We all don't want her to but she will know what to do" he said pulling me into a hug. "GUYS LETS GO!!!" Paul yelled from the front door. We all got in the limo Zayn and Perrie were talking. Liam and Danielle were listing to music. Louis and Eleanor were sleeping 'wow already?' Harry and Aishea were kissing. And then there was me.

Liam's POV.

Niall is really down that Aishea is with Harry. Well what can we do? This was going to be an interesting plane ride. We arrived at the airport fans were everywhere. Yelling things like 'We love you ' one yelled 'Marry me Harry' I just had to laugh at that one but then one cought my attention. Some girl yelled 'EWW who is that SLUT with Harry? She is so ugly why is she even near the boys?' I quickly looked over at Harry and Aishea. Harry was getting mad and Aishea was starting to cry. I grabbed everyone and started to run. Once we got done with sucarity and borded the plane I went to talk to Harry and Aishea. "Are you okay" I asked the both of them "Yeah I'm fine thanks Liam" Aishea said. Harry still looked mad.

Harry's POV.

I was so mad why couldn't I keep them from hating on her I didn't want that happening to her. "Are you okay" Liam asked. "Yeah I'm fine thanks Liam" Aishea said looking like she was gonna start crying again any minute. After about ten minutes after the plane took off Aishea feel asleep. I held her close scared of the more hate she will be getting.

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