Only Thing Is You *ON HOLD*

Aishea was a normal 16 year old girl had a loving family was single and had a perfect life. But what happens when her life take a turn for the wrost? Will Aishea come face to face with the love of her life a cheeky loving boy named Harry apart of a boyband called One Direction. She will soon learn life is not as easy as she thought.


12. Not Now...

Harry's P-O-V.

We drove to the nearest ice cream shop. We sat there eating and just laughing and talking. She started to sing when Rock Me came on. I was laughing at her so much just at how crazy she was. "Ehm" some random girl was standing there at are table staring st Aishea with hateread in her eyes "May we halp you?" I asked looking at the girl. "Yes I want to know who this 'Slut' is that is sitting with you?" the girl said looking back at Aishea. "Excuse me-" but i cut Aishea off before she could say anything else. "One she isn't a slut she is my Girlfriend and two who do you think you are just talking to her like that?" I asked with anger in my voice. "I'm your biggest fan I know anything and everything there is to know about you" she said smiling. "stalker" Aishea mumbled. The girl shot her a death look. "Well you just need to leave cause your not a true Directioner if you don't support my relationships" I said tuning away from her "Well its just not right" the girl huffed and walked away "Thanks Harry" Aishea said smiling at me. "That was nothing there was no reason for her to do that" We walked out and got in the car.

Aishea's P-O-V.

This girl started hating on me while we were getting ice cream. He stood up for me and I thought that was so sweet of him to do that for me. "Harry?" I asked tuning to him "Yes love?" he answered still looking at the road. "If I go on tour with you what will happen if something goes wrong with us?" I asked kinda scared of his answer. We stopped at a red light he turned to look at me. "Don't ever talk like that  if we hit some bumps along the way we will work though them together..Okay?"  He asked starting to drive again "Okay and can you promise me something?" I asked looking out the window now "Of course anything" He replied "You won't ever leave me for anyone else?"

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