Only Thing Is You *ON HOLD*

Aishea was a normal 16 year old girl had a loving family was single and had a perfect life. But what happens when her life take a turn for the wrost? Will Aishea come face to face with the love of her life a cheeky loving boy named Harry apart of a boyband called One Direction. She will soon learn life is not as easy as she thought.


27. Cries

Abigail's POV.

Harry came running into my room like he just saw a ghost. He had pure fear so I knew something was up. "Harry what's wrong?" I asked carefuly. "," He said in between breaths. I didn't ask any questions, I just jumped up from my bed and ran to Aishea's room. Yes she has a room she pretty much lived here before she moved. I ran into her room to see her with her suitcase packing her stuff and she was crying. I grabbed her into a tight embrace. "What's going on?" I asked. "Its James he...." she trailing off as she cried. "He what?" I was so scared of what she was about to say. She took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes "He got in a car accident with my parents and he died" she said sobbing into my chest. I was frozen she was lieng and I knew it. "no, No,NO!" I was soon screaming and crying with her. I didn't even notice Niall and Harry come up and hug us. After about three hours of crying we calmed down a little bit. "So when do we leave to go?" I asked her. "Tomorrow morning, and are you and Niall wanting to come?" she asked them. "Yea we'll come" Harry said. "Well lets get packing I guess" I said not really wanting to move from were I was laying in Niall's arms.

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