Only Thing Is You *ON HOLD*

Aishea was a normal 16 year old girl had a loving family was single and had a perfect life. But what happens when her life take a turn for the wrost? Will Aishea come face to face with the love of her life a cheeky loving boy named Harry apart of a boyband called One Direction. She will soon learn life is not as easy as she thought.


18. Can't Belive You

Niall's POV.

Wow was all I could think when I met Abigail. She was perfect. She had beautiful long curly hair with shining sky blue eyes. Her smile was the best she had pink lips that looked so soft and when she showed her perfect withe teeth  you could tell she had braces. I soon was snapped out of my day dream when I heard Harry intoduce him self. She walked over to me smiling. Her eyes met mine and all I could do was smile. I shook her had and said "Hello love I'm Niall." She was blushing. "OMG WERE IS MY PILLOW BOY!?!"  Aishea screamed in my ear but talking to Abi. All Abi could do was laugh "He's...Out...With...Carter" Abigail said in between laughs. "WHAT NO WAY?!? SINCE WHEN?" Aishea still screaming. "Okay first off STOP sceaming your gonna wake all of California up and two it started a week after you left I was shocked to I thought they would never talk again!" Abi said smiling. "Wait who is you pillow boy? And  who are we talking about?" Harry asked looking as confused as all of us. "Well we are talking about Abigail's older brother Jacob and he is my pillow boy cause when we were younger I aslways used him as a pillow" Aishea said still had her huge smile plastered on her face. "Okay so who is this Carter person?" Louis asked. "He was my ex and he was Jake's BFF but after Carter cheated with some school slut they hadn't talked cause Jacob was so mad." I saw Harry get a little bit jelous but shook it off. I heard the door slam open and two people were talking in the other room.

Carter's POV.

We walked in and expected Abigail to be in bed but instead a girl came running in. I couldn't see her face but she had beautiful long wavy honey golden brown hair and the ends were dip dyed aqua blue. She attacked Jacob in a hug that sent him and her to the floor. Abigail came in smiling I gave her a confused look and she just pointed at Jake and the girl getting off the floor. I turned my head to hear Jacob sream "OMG AISHEA YOUR HERE!" My heart sank knowing she was back and I still wasn't over her. "Yea I am but only for two weeks" she said turning around. Our eyes met and I felt the tention build up in the room. Just than five guys and three girls walked in. And may I say the one with Brown hair looked H-O-T HOT! "Guys this is my boyfriend Harry and his band and their girlfriends" Aishea said smiling while grabbing the one named Harry's hand. All I felt was anger build up inside me. "Hi I'm Harry this is Liam and his girlfriend Danielle Louis and his girlfriend Elanor" well she's taken so no chance in trying to go after her "This is Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie" the curly haired freak said. God I can't belive that she just got over me like that. I mean it wasn't my fault that she wouldn't have sex with me.

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