Only Thing Is You *ON HOLD*

Aishea was a normal 16 year old girl had a loving family was single and had a perfect life. But what happens when her life take a turn for the wrost? Will Aishea come face to face with the love of her life a cheeky loving boy named Harry apart of a boyband called One Direction. She will soon learn life is not as easy as she thought.


7. Be Mine?

Aishea's P-O-V.

I've been board all day its still summer here for 2 weeks. So I'm just walking around the house. My date with Harry isn't till 7. I decided to text Abigail.

Me: Hey babes sup?  A: Hey nothing you?  Me: Board waiting till 7.  A: OHHHH why is that?  Me: I got a date at 7 and I think you will be surprised who it is!  A: Who?  Me: Haryy Styles he lives next to me!  A:OMG NO WAY!!!!!!  Me:YES WAY! A: Well have funny luv ya. Me:U2 *End of convo* Well I'm board again. Me:Going shopping okay? Mum:Okay be careful. Once I got to the mall I got 6 new outfits and one for my date tonight. When I got home it was already 5:30 so i took a shower to get ready. Once I got out I strightened my hair and did my makeup. I put on the purple outfit i bought earlier. Time I was done it was 6:55 so i grabbed my purse and phone when i heard a knock. When i answered it i saw Harry there looking so hansome but he was holding something behind his back. "Hello love i got you these" he said handing me a dozen roses "OH my.. they're beautiful thank you." We got to the restarunt it was beautiful.


Harry's P-O-V.

She looked amazing I really hope she likes this place. "Table for two Styles" I said smiling. "Right this way sir" we were seated in a table away from everyone."Harry you really didn't have to do all this" she said blushing "But I wanted to do it" after we talked the waiter came to take our order. After some more talking and we were done eating we got back into the car but I wasn't ready to take her home just yet. We pulled up to a park. "What are we doing here?" she asked confused "Going for a walk" I said smiling helping her out of the car. I grabbed her hand as we walked. We stood there for a minute lokking into each others eyes and I leaned in and kissed her she started to kiss back are lips moved in sync with each others. I swore I felt bombs explod gosh I think she is the one.


A/N Hey guys sorry for the wait and the crappy story but im trying

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