Forever? (1D)

So a girl named Leesa (lisa) goes to a primere and meets one direction. Two days later she moves to the same neighborhood as them. Theirs some Sexual content and this is my first movella so please dont hate. And there might be a few authors notes. There is drama but this is based off of my dreams , because i have lucid dreams (dreams u can control. google it cause it can kinda be scary :/). Well I hope u enjoy! :D


4. Pranks :D

Leesa's P.O.V- Harry and I really got to know each other. I Knew we would be great friends! he went and explored the house, and he seemed most interested in my bedroom. I even heard him chuckling in my closet then I soon realized why. He found my whole one direction clothes! well, that was all I had. I was the biggest one direction fan EVER! I Told him everything. even about my past. I was only that open with My mom, well until she passed. I told him how they helped me from killing myself when I was in depression, and how the day we met was officially a year since they had passed, and how not one day goes by where I don't think of them.He let silent tears flow and hugged me. he clearly wasn't ashamed of himself for crying which I liked. I Really liked Harry. I Also told him how they were my first friends in five years. "Well you are a good friend. probably my best." He said,then gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me his life story.

Harrys P.O.V- I Told her my whole life story. it was nice talking to her. We really got to bond. And I told her how the other houses were the boys and how katy perry used to live in hers. she was fascinated. It was pretty cool. Then we decided to have some fun. so we went and pulled pranks on the boys. we ding dong ditched them and texted them from blocked numbers sending them creepy texts to scare them. But then they saw us and grabbed bats and chased us to leesa's house. we got in and locked the door laughing our butts off, then Leesa decided to open the door for them.

Leesa's P.O.V- I opened the door and me and Harry were laughing uncontrolably. the boys expressions turned from mad to happy. they then joined in. then I felt myself being thrown over nialls shirtless back.they then threw me and harry in the snow. Then we went back inside and then told them it was my house because they were really confused. I THen told them my story so they didn't think I robbed a bank and they all had teary eyes. so to cheer us up I told them I want them to have a sleepover with me so my first night isn't scary. They all agreed and thought we should have a movie marathon so I poped in sinister and decided we should have a scary movie marathon. Harry and Louis were cuddling, liam and zayn, and me and Niall. It was kinda awkward but it felt right. I fell asleep but woke up later with a cold feeling on my face. my eyes shot open and I saw Louis scream and run away , im guessing to hide. I saw niall was next to me with marker on his face that said I love leesa with an arrow pointing to me. I got up and walked to the bathroom . I looked in the mirror and it had one direction written on it, and an I LOVE HARRY in big letters. Then I heard a rattling in the shower.i opened it and saw Louis and harry acting frozen. Straight up retards I swear. I love how awesome they were. I washed my face and woke up niall. we all decided not to tell him so it was funnier. Then we decided to tell him if we were gonna gout to eat.Then, he once again flung me over his shoulders and carried me outside until we stopped at the ledge of the pool. "YOU WOULDNT!" I yell and then I hear a "watch me!" then im in the pool.He came to help me out but ipulled him in with me. the boys came running and screaming like animals into the pool. when they got out we dried off and watched movies all day and ordered take out. they even spent the night again. But me, I had a place to go, so when they fell asleep I ran and got ready.

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