Forever? (1D)

So a girl named Leesa (lisa) goes to a primere and meets one direction. Two days later she moves to the same neighborhood as them. Theirs some Sexual content and this is my first movella so please dont hate. And there might be a few authors notes. There is drama but this is based off of my dreams , because i have lucid dreams (dreams u can control. google it cause it can kinda be scary :/). Well I hope u enjoy! :D


1. Meeting One Direction :D

 Leesa's P.O.V-*beep beep beep* I jump out of my bed and jump in the shower letting my golden Brown hair get wet. Today was the day that my family died a year ago . *FLASHBACK* "mom? How long will u guys be gone? i ask ' "As long as we need to " she says." Well ill promise to go visit you guys," i say tearing up. they were already at the door, with the cab waiting for them. i gave a kiss to them and a hug and told them how much i loved them.  _8 HOURS LATER_ I heard my iphone ring and i pick up to hear sniffling on the other end. "Hello?" i Say . "Channel 6. Look at it now ." IT was none other than my best friend since grade school Savanna. I do as she says and hear bill clark the News Reporter "Flight1153 To Columbia from england has gone up in flames . The plane has disinigrated and there are no survivors"i drop my phone and turn off the t.v. I was in shock "Lees?" i hear coming from the other end. "i'll Call u later" i say forcing the words out . "um ok lees." She says and hung up. (F.Y.I Lees is one of my many nicknames.) *END OF FLASHBACK* I rinse off and grab my towel. it was 6 a.m. I had gotten up early because one direction, my favorite band off all time was having a premiere. They put me out of depression. WIth every smile and laugh, My days got somewhat brighter. I Blow Dry my hair and use my wand to make those nice tight curls. i slipped on one of my Lace bras and  boy shorts . i was 18 when my parents died and now i was 19 who had dark brown eyes and a closet filled with one direction crop top tee-shirts. I had no friends because i was a freak and savanna left to live in america. we somewhat lost touch. I put on A brittish flag bandanna around my head and used it as a headband to match my jean british flag shorts. All i owned were coloured skinny jeans and shorts, plus crop-top tees(one direction) and one direction sweaters and jewelry. i get in my 2011 dodge challenger. i had nice cars and a nice house in one of the richest UK neighborhoods because when my family died they left 22.9 million dollars in their wills.i go to a coffee shop and order my favorite, a strawberry and creme Frappe. it was 8:00 by the time i got to the outside if the arena. It was blocked off with tons of fences and security guards. Tons of 1D fans poured in and during the process i was now in the back all alone, also pushed into a muddy puddle. at least it was only my legs. a big limo arrived and 5 boys wearing dark sweters and Dark Ray-Bans appeared. Then the Screaming started. i got up and i saw a car pull up next to me. The window rolled down and i saw Thee Niall Horan . At first i thought that i was hallucinating because they got out of the big limo. he motioned for me to get in which i did and they handed me a towel. i dried off my legs and looked up to see them all staring at me. Awkward, so i clear my throat. 

Nialls P.O.V- I was in the car staring out the window seeing all the girls try to attack our decoys. we were going thru the back so we didnt get hurt. i then saw the worlds most beautiful girl get pushed into a muddy puddle by the mob and she stood up somewhat depressed i guess the boys saw it too because when i asked the driver to stop , none of them argued. i rolled down the window to see her staring at me jaw dropped. I motioned for her to come to the car and i opened the door letting her in . She was looking at her muddy legs so i passed her a towel. when she was done she looked up and saw us staring so she cleared her throat and we quickly looked away. A/N OMG!! i love how its coming out! so good. i will try to update every few hours if ii can thanks for reading! :D -Leesa<3

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