Forever? (1D)

So a girl named Leesa (lisa) goes to a primere and meets one direction. Two days later she moves to the same neighborhood as them. Theirs some Sexual content and this is my first movella so please dont hate. And there might be a few authors notes. There is drama but this is based off of my dreams , because i have lucid dreams (dreams u can control. google it cause it can kinda be scary :/). Well I hope u enjoy! :D


2. Hi :D

Leesa's P.O.V.-"uhmm-hi" Niall says finally breaking the silence. "h-hi" I stutter out."are you okay?" he asks. "Mentally, No, Physically, I guess." i accidentally let the words fall out .CRAP. "just kidding!" i quickly say and force a smile. "so your a directioner?" Harry asks. "BIG TIME!" He lets out a giggle. "are you one of those creepy stalkers?" Louis asks, then winks.I laugh out loud."You wish." If only he knew the half of it. "were you headed?" Niall asks. " To see you guys!" i exclaim. "and why's that?" Liam Asks. "to long to explain" I reply. "Well why dont you stay backstage and afterwards we can talk." Dang he is CUTE! i got lost in his blue orbs. Uff <3. "Would you like that,love?" I smile and nod. it took a while to get through the stampede of screaming girls so i pull out my Iphone 4S and play line runner.I forget their there so i lose and yell out "CRAP!!" i look up and find them all staring at me."sorry!" i say and they bursted out laughing. The car stops and they all get out except for Harry and Niall. "You coming?" they say in unison. "YES!" i say to excitedly. i get out the car and follow them into a really nice room. Niall says i could help myself to anything so i sit on the couch then i notice a long table full of food. i get a plate and dig in. 

Harry's P.O.V.- she was beautiful, but Niall had a close eye on her so i didnt mind. hey, maybe if it didnt work out maybe  could have a chance. hopefully she would feel the same. we finally got out but she just stayed. she got out and we went to our primere. it was for the 1D 3D movie and it was only a half an hour clip. but i couldnt stop thinking about her. I can tell Niall didn't either because he was in space half the time. She defiantly caught his eye.

Niall's P.O.V.- I really liked her. i didn't even know her name, in fact none of us did. i'd have to ask her. But i defiantly knew i liked her. the premiere ended and i rushed out to see her. That's when i realized i was really starting to all for her. she had 2 plates in front of her. i let out a laugh.

Leesa's P.O.V.- Niall's head popped out when it was finished and he laughed when he saw my 2 plates. god i was hungry! We get back into the car and i tell them which lot to drop me off at. i was about to get out when someone grabbed my arm. it was Niall. "What's your name, love?" "Leesa" I say Shyly. "Well Urm, can we all have your number?" my stomach did so many flips i felt like there was an olympic gymnast in their. "Sure" i say and give them my best smile. When their done passing it to everyone they gave it to me and i looked at there names. Dj Malik, Nialler<3 , Lou-Lou, Leeyum, and hazza. There nicknames. I texted all of them saying 'Hey its Leesa' and i got reply's instantly. it felt good to have friends. we spent most of the day getting to know each other better, and it worked.I fell asleep texting Harry and Niall. When i woke up i threw on sweats and a tank top, and started to pack. my dreamhouse was finally for sale. A few hours later i was finally finished so i drove there . I was instantly by a gate, typed in the number, i saw double doors. When i walked in there was a grand staircase with velvet carpet. My Room was HUGE! it had a window seat and a nice walk-in closet. I felt safe living in a gated community, plus there were only 6 huge mansions. By the next day everything was unpacked and ready to go. Then, my doorbell rang, Who could it be?

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