Forever? (1D)

So a girl named Leesa (lisa) goes to a primere and meets one direction. Two days later she moves to the same neighborhood as them. Theirs some Sexual content and this is my first movella so please dont hate. And there might be a few authors notes. There is drama but this is based off of my dreams , because i have lucid dreams (dreams u can control. google it cause it can kinda be scary :/). Well I hope u enjoy! :D


3. Harry?

Leesa's P.O.V.-I opened it and saw Harry. How did he know i lived here? He gave me a confused look and i returned it. Then i broke the silence. "How'd You know were i moved?" i ask. "I live Next door, Wait -YOU'RE living here?" He grew a big cheeky smile so that his dimples showed."YEP! i moved here yesterday." "How'd you afford this? Your not selena gomez are you?"He winked.

Harry's P.O.V.-i winked. She was very beautiful, and apparently had some money. i went in and took the tour of her house. it was nicer than mine!  We then sat on the couched and talked about our lives. it was amazing! i really connected with her.

A/N Hey guys thanks for reading! sorry its so short ive been busy! anyway i need 3 girls! i needa a girlfriend for Liam, zayn and Louis so if your intrested write down :

your Name:

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tell me about yourself:

THanks for reading and please favorite like and comment your feedback! but please no hate! this is my first fanfic. Thanks :D


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