Moving around is hard. You start to feel lost. But this time its different. I met this curly haired boy that changed my life forever. When things start to go wrong new people enter and others leave, will he stick around? Will this curly haired boy save me? Or will he find me and take me.


5. Unexpected

My eyes swelled as I swallowed against the lump in my throat. Frustrated with the weakness, I swiftly brushed away the tears that had forced their way down my cheeks with the back of my hand. I couldn't think about it any longer, I just wanted to scream. Moving out of the school bathroom I walked back to the gym.

Wondering what happened? Well cheer leading happened. Megan was nice to me when she offered me a space within the squad but now, shes pushing me far and putting me down like she doesn't care. Is it because I had a date with Harry? I guess I will never know. Dreading my return I open the two heavy doors weakly leaving them to slam behind me; I dragged my feet heavily making my way over to the girls where Megan is yelling at them. 

Megan turned to face me with a smirk, she obviously can tell I was crying. "Nice for you to join us again" She sneered. I was starting to feel pity for the girls that they deal with her but not that they cant stick up for them selves, Im not putting up with this and I don't expect them to either. Walking straight up to her I spoke "You can't talk to me like that and in fact you cant talk to anyone like that so im leaving you can dictate to everyone else who will put up with you" Facing the girls I gave them a smile and mouthed 'Good luck'. Megan's face scrunched up in confusion, like she didn't expect that from me. 

"Katy wait" I heard a stern voice say, at first I thought it was Megan but as I spinned around to confront her it was Emma. Emma came to me putting her arm through mine so we were linking arms and she faced Megan "Shes right Megan i've put up with your crap for so long that I forgot how wrong of me it was to allow you to do that, not only to me but to my friends also. I don't want to be around people like you." She smiled at me and we both said good bye to Megan and the rest of the girls leaving them in shock.


The rest of the day was a blast Emma was really fun to be with; we were currently sitting in the cafeteria talking about our lives.  Finishing up our lunches Emma brought up Harry "Are you dating Harry Styles?". I was shocked of what just came out of her mouth, did she just say what I thought she said. "uh what?" I hesitated. "Are you dating Harry Styles?" she repeated. I gave a long look before  answering, "What! who told you that?!" I focused on her answer this time making sure I hear her right. "Everyone's talking about it saying you two are the newest and hottest couple in school. Why do you think Megan was suddenly a bitch to you before?" She began to laugh like it was joke and I suddenly felt anger and embarrassment rush through my body. "I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow" I said with no tone and with that I walked out of school skipping the rest of the day. I could not afford to run into Harry .


School finished an hour ago and i'm waiting for a worried call from Emma to see if im okay; to my surprise there's nothing from no one. Focusing back on the tv my phone rang, i instantly answered it. "Emma?" i asked

"No hunny, I just called to tell you i'm not coming home till very late tonight i've been held up with some important work. Leave the door locked I have keys." She sounded like she was in a rush. She hung up  before I even got a word in, I hate it when people do that. An hour past from just watching tv, my stomach growled realising how hungry I was so I got off the couch and ordered myself a ham and pineapple pizza. Waiting for the pizza to arrive half an hour past and there was a knock at the door. "Coming!!" I yelled

I ran to the door hoping it was the pizza im starving! Opening it quickly I apologised for being slow. Then I realised who it was.



Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the story so far. This is where things start to get interesting.... Keep liking!! :D

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