Moving around is hard. You start to feel lost. But this time its different. I met this curly haired boy that changed my life forever. When things start to go wrong new people enter and others leave, will he stick around? Will this curly haired boy save me? Or will he find me and take me.


13. Miss you


*Flash back*

 I was about 6 years old and mum and I have just moved to a different town for the first time.

"Mummy higher" I yelled. I was on the swing at the park and mum was pushing me, not pushing me to hard that id fly off.

"Not too high Katy, you will hurt yourself." Mum laughed, I loved to hear her laugh, it made me smile.

After about another 5 minutes of mum pushing me we sat under the tree. I laid in mums lap and she stroked my hair, singing to me.

"Shut the door
Turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this
Even though I try

Heart beats harder
Time escapes me
Trembling hands
Touch skin
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face

If we could only have this life
For one more day
If we could only turn back time

You know I’ll be
Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today"

I fell asleep and mum lifted me up and took me back to the car.

*End of flash back*

I started to toss and turn in my sleep. I then started to cry and a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist. Harry. I opened my eyes and faced him.

"Are you okay?" He whispered.

I tried to stop crying and nodded. Making harry pull me in more. He kissed my forehead.

"Try to go back to sleep love" He started to stroke my hair moving it off of my face.

"Harry?" I looked him in the eye.

"Yes love? He sat up a little getting a full view of me.

"Thankyou. Thankyou for bringing me here, for just being with me. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't with you. I love you" I burst out into tears and Harry pulled me into him. I rested my head on the crook of his neck and he rubbed my back.

"I love you Katy. I told you from the start that I'd protect you."

Harry and I fell asleep in each others arms.


The next morning I woke up feeling tired. I didn't get much sleep. I just lied in bed waiting for Harry to wake up. I faced him and waited. He was so handsome, his hair was just everywhere and I found it sexy. When Im sad he makes me happy with just hearing his voice or seeing his smile.

"Stop staring at me" Harry smirked

"Your hot, how can I not?" I laughed.

Harry opened his eyes and launched at me then hovering over me.

Our faces were centimetre's apart. Looking into each others eyes.

"What about you? Your sexy" He started kissing my neck.

"Nah breathed.

"Yes. You. Are." He said in between kisses.

Harry looked up and me and smirked. I then kissed him passionately. I put my fingers through his hair and he had one on my waist and the other holding the side of my face.

"Come. have. a. shower. with. me" I spoke

I felt him get hard above me. And I started to laugh while kissing him.

He got up and took hold of my hand leading me to the bathroom.

 Kissing my jawline down my neck he slowly started to take off my clothing. When he finished he stood back and his eyes widened.

"Like what you see?" I smirked and he nodded his head.

I helped him remove his clothes and then I lead him into the shower and he pushed me up against the wall, I wrapped my legs around his waist and I could feel everything. He was hard. The water was running over our heads making this even more intense.

"Harry" I whispered.

He looked at me and I didn't say anything just gave him a look.

"Are you sure?" he asked

"Harry, just fuck me"

He nodded his head and with that he put himself inside me.

Thrusting himself in and out of me was driving me towards climax. It hurt a little at first but now it just feels so pleasurable. I love him so much.

"mmmmm" I moaned.

Harry went a little bit longer then we both climaxed together. He released inside me and we started to kiss again.

I dropped my legs down and we were both breathing heavily as we were both obviously tired out.

"That was amazing" I breathed while Harry is washing my back.

"Only for you Katy I love you" and he started to kiss my neck from behind. I faced him and felt he was still hard or is hard again. He lifted me and wrapped my legs around him .

Oh boy here goes round two.


Thank you everybody for reading :) It really does mean a lot to me! Keep reading, sharing, liking and fan me <3 I fan back :)

















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